What is a Wig Cap? A wig cap is the base material used to make a wig. It should be shaped like the head. The wig cap is the base material and hair is attached to it using different techniques. There are many types of wig caps available. You may have heard the terms lacefront wig or full […]

Large cap wigs fit big heads. They are very comfortable and fit perfectly. For individuals with a larger head circumference than 22.5 inches, large capped wigs can be made. For complete instructions on measuring your head, please visit our tutorial How do measure my head for a wig. Many suppliers offer large-sized wigs online. You can search for large cap […]

The number 613 denotes the number of hair colors used to dye wig hairs. When we refer to 613 hair wigs, we are referring to the wigs that are made up of Blonde / Light Blonde colored hair. #27/613, for example, denotes blonde hair #27 mixed with platinum hair #613 in the same strand or […]

Did you know there are many face shapes which go with certain hairstyles. When choosing the perfect hairstyle , it is important to know your face shape. A hairstyle that isn’t flattering your face can lead to a disaster! Your hairstyle says a lot about you. Choose one that will make you proud! There are many face shapes, including oval, square, heart, […]

Questions Answered:Wholesale Hair Weave Programme Wholesale Virgin Hair Weave Q&A It is important to be well-informed before you start your own virgin hair weaving business. We are more than the #1 human hair distributor, we consider ourselves to be more than a hair agency that takes care of everything related to your hair brand from A-Z. These services […]

Best Hairstyles & Weave for Every Face Shape Sell More Bundles of Hair with Bundle Deals! Every visitor to your website is searching for a deal. Bundle deals, which offer multiple lengths for a specific style of hair, are becoming increasingly popular in the hair industry. Bundle deals for virgin hair are very popular! Many hair […]

How to make your Extensions look natural by blending your leaves out It’s a common sight: a young woman has created long, luxurious hair bundles that are perfectly curled. Either the color is wrong or she has different hair textures. The hair isn’t hers until we see the tracks. It is important that extensions look straight from […]

How to Measure Your Head for a Wig (To Get The Perfect Fit) Your Guide to a Perfect Fitting Wig Find the perfect hair wig and order it. Then, try it on! I’m sure you all know the feeling. How your wig fits on your head is crucial. It is important to have a comfortable fit, especially if […]

Which Style Fits You Best? Sis! I can understand your struggles with choosing the right style for you. Did you ever speak with your stylist ? A stylist who has been working with you for over a decade should have a good idea of your hair style preferences. When you are in her chair, your stylist needs to know […]

How Many Bundles Do I Need For a Sew In? “Gorgeous Hair is the Best Retribution” – Unknown We don’t want our hair to be one of those problems. If you’re anything like me, women don’t play with their hair. You don’t need to think about how much hair you have. You can make or break […]