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Wholesale Virgin Hair Weave Q&A

It is important to be well-informed before you start your own virgin hair weaving business.

We are more than the #1 human hair distributor, we consider ourselves to be more than a hair agency that takes care of everything related to your hair brand from A-Z.

These services include distribution of 100% human hair weave wholesale at low prices, packaging, branding and dropshipping.

Recently, I asked our hair team to send me some questions about new clients’ hair weaving, mink lash, or edge control. These are some questions and answers that will help you make informed purchases.

Frequently Asked Questions About Our Wholesale Hair Weave Program

What is the average price per bundle?

It is entirely up to you. We do not set your prices. It is your business, and you will know the price your customers will pay. The product pages list all wholesale prices for hair weaves. To make great profits, you can buy wholesale and then sell at your retail price.

How heavy are the bundles?

Our sew-in hair extensions bundles weigh 100 grams. This is the weight customers are used to buying.

What colour are the bundles?

Unless otherwise stated, the hair is a 1B color. There are over a dozen color options for clip-in extensions. We also offer blonde, silver and ombre sew-in colors.

Do you keep your hair weave in stock

Yes! Yes! Our warehouse houses 3,000-4,000 bundles at any given time. Around 1,000 bundles are kept in our Atlanta showroom. We can supply hair companies of all sizes. We receive hair shipments every day for four days. This allows us to keep all hair extensions in stock so that we can deliver immediately. We take wholesale hair weaving seriously!

When will my order ship if I place it now?

Orders placed before 3pm Monday through Friday are usually shipped the same day. You will be notified by email when your order ships. This email will also include tracking information and updates throughout the delivery process.

I would like to grow my hairline. How can I start?

This question has many answers! Research is the best thing to do before you start your brand of the weave. Every week, we publish educational blog posts. We can help you quickly get your brand started with wholesale hair weave prices that are the best and the best customer service.

Dropshipping is your option?

You bet! You can order hair weaves from Dropship Bundles and have them shipped to you. You don’t need thousands of dollars to buy virgin hair stock. Dropshipping is a great option.

How long can this hair weave last?

It all depends on how well you take care of it. We have had multiple clients do multiple installs. In most cases, you can expect to have your hair for anywhere from three months to more than a year. Do not do a quick weave and trim the wefts. Your hair will not last as long. The same applies to coloring hair extensions. The hair can be damaged by coloring and it will also reduce its lifespan.

Can I make my own hair-weaving brand?

Yes! This is our specialty. Everything you need to start your own hair braiding company

Do you offer samples of weave?

Yes! Yes! Each style measures 12 inches in length and has 4″ hair weft. It can be found here: Sample Kit

How can you ship orders so quickly, while other suppliers take five days?

Lightning fast shipping and excellent tracking are very important. Orders received before 3pm from Monday to Friday. Usually shipped on the same day.

What are your wholesale prices

The product pages list all wholesale hair weave pricing. Bundles of Malaysian Hair Wave are only $18.99 each. You can also find our current price list on many pages.

How often do new products come along?

Each month, we offer new hair-weaving options. We reinvest our product offerings as our client base grows.

How do you become a hair weave distributor?

iLovely Hair Extensions make it easier than you might think! By purchasing wholesale on our site and then selling retail, you can become a distributor of weaves. This can be done on your website, social media or in person.

Is there a way to find you on Social Media sites?

Everywhere! Social Media is a huge passion of ours. We post daily on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Follow us for the latest updates

Which clients buy wholesale hair weaves from you?

Sorry. iLovely Hair companies do not disclose who they supply. If the customer requests, they will not be able to see photos of our staff members with celebrities clients. We won’t reveal your identity unless you ask. The showroom is located in a private office building, which provides additional security and privacy. You shouldn’t do business with a wholesale hair weave supplier that isn’t well-respected.

Are you able to help with marketing?

Unfortunately, we do not offer one-on-one training to help you become a great marketer. We do however write articles on many methods to sell hair extensions. This Hair Extension Marketing article will delight you with fifty ways to sell extensions!

Is the hair-weaving industry saturated?

This is something we hear all the time. Distributing hair weaves is not an exception. Every industry has competition. Many entrepreneurs are leaving the hair industry every day. Dropshipping is a way to make it easy for you to get your hair done without incurring large upfront costs or monthly fees. To grow and succeed, all businesses require time.

Are you selling synthetic hair or wigs for sale?

We are sorry. We sell only 100% human hair weave. We don’t plan to sell any more in the future, as we are currently focusing on growing our wholesale hair-weave collections.

What number of bundles will I need to sew in a sew-in project?

It all depends on how long the weave is. You can use two bundles for lengths between 10 and 12 inches. We recommend three bundles for lengths between 14″ and 20″. For lengths greater than 22″, you should use four bundles. The wefts get shorter as the hair weave grows. You will need more bundles to complete a full sew in. Also, consider the head size of your client or yourself.

What is the reason I must verify my order when shipping to a different location?

Although we love the hairdressing industry, the fraud rate is high. These credit card fraudsters are not affordable for us. We may be responsible for any orders shipped to addresses outside of the bill. To this end, we will verify the identity of each cardholder. If the order is delivered to the required address and the cardholder authorizes the credit rebate, this will be considered credit card fraud. This is a crime. In order to limit fraud exposure, we recommend that other hair salon owners implement the same or similar procedures.

What type of hair weaves do you offer?

We only use 100% human hair weave. We offer Brazilian, Malaysian and Vietnamese hair textures in Spanish Wave and Straight, Body Wave and Deep Wave as well as Afro Kinky and Kinky Straight. Take advantage of our wholesale pricing for hair weaves to save huge!

Additional Wholesale Hair Weave Questions

I hope you found the answers to most of your questions about working with us in our booming hair-weaving business.

You can also leave us a comment below if you have additional questions.

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