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Sell More Bundles of Hair with Bundle Deals!

Every visitor to your website is searching for a deal.

Bundle deals, which offer multiple lengths for a specific style of hair, are becoming increasingly popular in the hair industry. Bundle deals for virgin hair are very popular!

Many hair shops will offer discounts for multiple bundles. One bundle is not as profitable as three, so encourage your customers to buy bundles!

Let’s look at what you can do to price hair bundles for your online shop!

What is a Bundle of Hair?

Before we dive into the calculation and selling bundles, let’s first discuss what a bundle is.

A “bundle” is a single piece of weft hair. Bundles weigh 3.5 oz (100 grams). Bundles are typically between 10″ and 32″, while celebrities have been seen sporting bundles as long as 40″. One bundle can have many origins, including Indian, Malaysian and Cambodian.

The majority of bundles come in a dark brown/black color, also known as a 1B. You can also choose from lighter browns and reds or as light as platinum, Russian blonde, or even a mix of both.

Three bundles of hair are commonly referred to as Bundle Deals. (Check out some wholesale bundles). Let’s take a look at bundle deals and what price you should set for your hair.

Popular Bundle Deal Packages

There are many hair bundle options. Three bundles of hair are the most common bundle deals. They will be longer and consist of three bundles. Brazilian bundle deals are very popular and you should definitely sell them.


Brazilian Body Wave Bundle Deal

  • 14″/16″/18″ = $$$
  • 16″/18″/20″ = $$$
  • 18″/20″/22″ = $$$

I think you get the idea!

Some stores will also offer a closure option as part of the bundle deal. Not a bad idea but it can get technical with so many product variations. Something else to consider would be to offer a closure as an up-sell on your store in the cart.

All you need is some quick calculations to price out your bundle deal and give your client a discount. First, let’s look at how much is a bundle of hair when sold at the retail price.

Let’s do a quick example:

Average Retail Prices Brazilian Body Wave Bundles

14″ – $26.13

16″ – $30.77

18″ – $34.26

20″ – $39.48

22″ – $43.55

Your total retail price of an 18″/20″/22″ Brazilian Body Wave if you purchased the bundles of hair individually would be: $130

We suggest taking about $5 off per bundle. This discount would create a bundle deal price of $125. This pricing is just a suggestion, and you should set your prices that are going to increase sales and profits!

Initial Price Shock Value

You may now need help pricing bundles. We’ve got your back! It can have a huge impact on the first price you see on a product’s page.

A lower initial price may keep shoppers from clicking away to find something else. Is pricing important to us all? Yes!

What strategy should you use for bundle deals?

Not everyone who is shopping for hair might need the three bundles that come with a bundle. What if the client desired a bob haircut? If the client is between 10-12 inches in length, they would only require two bundles.

Pricing Strategy

Consider offering a bundle deal that includes a combination of a 10’/10″ or 10’/12″ hair length for hair extensions marketing technique.

You can see on Luxury Hair Direct that the Body Wave Bundle Deal offers a 10″/10″, which is significantly lower than the bundle deals that include three bundles of hair.

Below is a closer look at the bundle deal option. It costs $65 less than the 10’/12″/14″ bundle deal.

As you can imagine a customer visiting your website would be enticed by a bundle deal for only $120.00 as opposed to $148.57.

This is a pricing strategy you should consider when selling multiple bundles of hair.

Bundle Deals on Our Site

We offer bundles on iLovely Hair Extensions. We are a wholesale hair supplier so you don’t get any additional discounts on three bundles.

You can shop on our website to find bundles. Bundles of hair starting from $21.99 make it difficult to offer additional discounts while still being in business. You will understand this. You can get discounts for larger volumes, but we recommend that you contact us to discuss these details.

Wholesale hair is slightly different from retail, as the margins for retail sales can range between 2X and 3X.

What about Four Bundles of Hair?

Some companies offer bundles that include four hair bundles instead of the usual two or three. This is a good idea.

Sure! You will need four bundles for a sew in with bundles longer than 24 inches. This option can increase your sales.

We have not tried this method due to the shock value. However, we have seen other retailers give it a try.

Create Your Bundle Deals Price List!

Once you have calculated all the bundle price points, it’s time for you to make a pricelist.

Canva is an online program we love. It makes it easy to create a variety of amazing marketing materials. Properly marketing your bundles of hair will make it more likely that they buy them.

Canva is a great tool for creating bundles that look professional. This is an example from iLovely Hair Extensions’ wholesale virgin hair price list.

Are You Selling Bundle Deals?

Please consider selling bundles if you don’t already. iLovely Hair Extensions supplies thousands of clients with wholesale hair extensions. They have a great idea of what is selling in the retail market.

Bundle deals work! Bundle deals with virgin hair are a great way to provide value to your customers.

We know that not all clients have the capital to invest $3,000-10,000 to purchase hair extensions. Our Dropship program allows you to sell online quickly without any upfront inventory costs.

You can ask any questions regarding bundle deals in the comments section below.

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