What is a Wig Cap? A wig cap is the base material used to make a wig. It should be shaped like the head. The wig cap is the base material and hair is attached to it using different techniques. There are many types of wig caps available.

You may have heard the terms lacefront wig or full lace wig. We will be sharing the pros and cons of common wig caps. The best one for you can be confirmed.

Type1: Lace Wig Cap

Lace is used to make lace wig caps. There are many types of lace-cap wigs, including lace front, full, HD, lace, lace part, lace back, and HD lace. A lace wig is a special type of hairpiece or wig in which human hair or synthetic hair is tied by hand to a sheer lace base that goes over the scalp(from Wikipedia:https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lace_wig). There are many types of lace-wigs available, each with a different lace size. Most lace wigs caps can be adjusted. These are the wig caps that you can see below.

Lace front wig

The lace-front wig is made from lace front wig hair and a cap. The lace frontal cap is made from a lace closure at the front and a wig net at your nape. Half of the hair is hand-tied with the lace closure, and the other half is machine-tied with the wig net. There are different sizes of wig caps. The most common sizes for lace front closures are now 13×4, 13×6, 5×4, 5×5, and 6×6 in. The lace closure can create a natural look and make the hair appear as if it is growing from the scalp.

Many stars have worn lace front hairstyles like Beyonce. Beyonce has worn lace front hair wigs for many years, and if her hairdresser hadn’t revealed it to the world, we wouldn’t know.

A frontal wig can have a hairline that extends from temple-to–temple or ear–to–ear. If you plan on pulling your hair up, make sure it has an ear-to ear construction.

Full-lace wig

A full lacewig is composed of both a full-lace wig cap with hair. When you see the name of something, one can immediately think about its purpose. Full lace wig caps are made with full lace closures and hair is hand-tied completely. When we talk about full lace wigs, one of their most distinctive features is their high price. It was worth it because it was both comfortable and breathable in winter and summer.

Pros Of Lace Wig Caps:

  • A natural-looking hairline: If you buy lace front wigs, you can rest assured that this will be your secret. No one else needs to know. It blends with your skin to give the illusion of natural hairline. The highest quality lace wigs are available.
  • Style Versatility: Lace wigs are more versatile than other types. You can style your hair away from your face. This creates a natural hairline and bangs don’t need to be necessary. They are popular for weddings as many brides prefer to keep their hair down on the big day. You can wear your hair up in a ponytail or bangs. Your hair can be styled to suit your mood.
  • Affordable In years past, only the wealthy and famous could afford lace front wigs. Today, however, they are more affordable for everyone. These wigs and other high-quality options are being offered by more designers. You have more options at affordable prices so you won’t have to break the bank.
  • Simple to apply and take off. You don’t have to visit a salon to get your lace-wig applied or taken off. It can be done easily at home. This saves time and money.
  • Natural-looking Hair will naturally move because each hair is tied by hand.
  • Part anywhere A lacewig can be worn in high ponytails or down the middle.
  • Does not damage your hair: The wig hides the hair, so it doesn’t get in the way of your hair.

Cons of Lace Wig Caps

  • The learning curve: After the initial few applications, you will be able to apply and take off the wig.
  • Adhesives are tricky. There are so many options on the market for adhesives, you will have to choose the right one. It can take some trial and error, but once you have found the right adhesive, you will be able to stick with it.
  • Reapplication This is necessary every 3-4 weeks.
  • Cleaning: Cleaning is required before applying again, which can take a lot of time.

Lace front wigs are the best quality at the lowest price. You can choose from a wide range of styles and colors, and they are very easy to maintain.

You have never considered wearing a hair wig before. A new style can make all the difference in your spring hairstyle. A front lace wig is a great way to enhance your look, whether you’re going to the beach, at work, or out on the town.

Type2: U Part Wig Cap

A U-part wig is a wig that’s sewn on . It has a cap with clips and adjustable straps at the back. Upart wigs allow you to blend your hair by using a specific U-shaped opening at top. This allows you to expose your scalp and blend your hair better.

Benefits of U Part Wig Caps

Beginner/Newbie Friendly

Simple Installation in 10 Minutes

Realistic Look, no glue, no lace

Protective, Natural Melt Hairstyle

Beautiful Look, Affordable Price

Type3: Half Wig Cap

Half wigs are made with an innovative half-wig cap construction. The hair is always covered by an elasticated soft mesh cap. Two flexible combs are attached to the cap at the front, and the back. They can secure grip your hair to create a style that lasts for hours.

Half-wig caps have many benefits

Half wigs can be a great way for natural hair to shine. The half wig frames your face and creates an amazing fullness from the crown down.

Type4: Silk Wig Cap

Silk base wigs are wigs made from silk base cap hair. The silk wig cap offers the most realistic lace-wig cap available today. Silk base wigs, also known as Silk top or Silk top wigs, conceal knots by using layers of lace and silk fabric at the top of the cap. The knots in the hair are hidden below the layers of silk. After the hair has been knotted, it is then injected through silk material, making them invisible. This creates the illusion that your hair is growing out from your scalp.

Benefits of silk wig caps:

Silk-based wigs last longer than lace wigs. Because it is thicker and more sturdy, this wig lasts longer. This lace wig is fragile due to its sheer nature.

Silk base wigs don’t require any special or specialized care. They are delicate but strong. You don’t need to worry about your wig being damaged every month if you use it often.

Type5: Basic Wig Cap

There are four types of basic wig caps available: machine-made wigcap, traditional weft cap and standard cap.

Basic wig caps have hair that is machine-sewed into strips. These strips can be made of cotton, felt, velvet or silk. To give the illusion of natural hair, these strips are woven together (like a basket).

The standard weft wig hat is the open weft. The wefts in open weft caps have less density and more space between them, as their name suggests.

Pros Of Basic Wig Caps

  • Accessibility: Basic Wig Caps are the most affordable. Basic wig caps can be used to store multiple wig styles at once.
  • Durability These wig caps have the longest life expectancy. They won’t lose their shape over time because of how the wefts have been sewn together.
  • Pre-Tased: The majority of basic wig caps come pretasted at the roots. This means that you can simply put on your wig, and walk out with voluminous, shiny hair. I wonder how many of your bio-hair wearing friends can claim that.

Cons of Basic Wig Cap

  • Insufficient Styling Flexibility: Make sure that you buy a basic wigcap with a style you love. A basic wig cap can’t be re-part without looking unnatural.
  • There are no hair fiber options available for basic wig caps. Basic wig caps are usually only available with synthetic or heat friendly synthetic hair and not with human hair wigs.


There are many wig caps available on the market today. iLovely Hair wigs feature wig caps that can be adjusted to fit any head size. This means that almost all types of wig caps can be adjusted to fit different head sizes. Customers have the option to select the right wig cap for them or to find the most appropriate one that suits their needs.

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