How to do Edges and Style Them Edges Are An Art You’ve probably heard the phrases “Keep your edges laying” and “Show off those baby hairs” before. These phrases refer to styling your baby hairs, or as most people know it, your edges. Even though it’s just hair, creating art using your edges is a favorite part about […]

Frontals, Closures, 360 Frontals or Leave Out? What’s the Difference? Instagram and YouTube have been filled with videos of beautiful women sporting thick, naturally-looking, luxurious hair. Many of these women are wearing extensions such as sew ins and hair wigs. Full sew-ins are now a standard for wigs. Let’s look at their differences. What is a Closure? Closure hair is […]

Bob Hairstyle Guide: Different Types of Bobs Bob Hairstyles Guide The perfect style to make you a perfect girl! Bobs are a timeless and classic hairstyle. Bob hairstyles come in many lengths, textures and colors. You can also be flirty or serious. This style is great for growing your hair and for getting a new haircut! You will see a beautiful brunette […]

Everything You Need to Know About Closures! What Are Closures Closures are just one type of hair extension. Closures provide the best protection for your hair. They cover your entire scalp, making them an excellent protective style. Partial weaves, sew ins, and some types of hair wigs allow the hair to blend with the weave or cover tracks. These […]

Why Sew-Ins Are Better Than Wigs The Great Debate Which Side Are You On? Since the beginning of time, the hair industry has been arguing about which is better: sew-ins or Wigs. It’s easy to see that both have their benefits and disadvantages. Extensions are a great choice for women who don’t like the idea of having to do […]

Beginners Guide to Wig Making Wigs were a long-lasting staple in the hair care industry. There are so many hair styles that can change, and it can be hard to keep up. Yet, wigs have existed since the early days of Pharaoh. These wigs are no longer considered fashionable in modern times. They were once thought […]

Wigs are great for changing up your style or protecting you. You might need a wig at certain times. These wigs save time and are convenient. You should know what a wig-cap is. There are many wig cap available on the market. Each one has its own characteristics, such as multi-directional sideing, breathability, great comfort for hair, and more. […]

U-Part Wig Making 101 The U-Part Wig is the ideal transition style if you’re thinking of jumping into the wig game. It’s a cross between a partial stitch-in or a lace wig. A U-part wig requires more work than the former, but is less labor intensive than the latter. You can blend your hair out through the hole or attach […]

Another step-by-step tutorial is here. This article will teach you how to make the best fly hair wigs, and how to secure them. This tutorial will show you how to make a custom wig that fits and doesn’t cause you headaches. These wigs look natural and people will wonder how you did it so quickly! Wig Making Mistakes Let me […]

Great Braiding Patterns For Your Next Sew-In Installation Different Braid Styles for Hair Extensions Each time I had hair extensions put in, I chose to have the regular cornrow. We call them straight backs. Straight backs seemed to be the only way I could get proper extensions. I realized this only after I started paying more attention to details […]