All About Weave 101: The Ultimate Weave Glossary Everything You Need to Know About Weave We trust our hairdresser when we have our hair done. After all, they get paid to do our hair . However, just because you are a hairstylist does not mean that you are an expert in hair. It’s essential that customers […]

Detangle & Maintain Your Weave While wigs and hair weave are quick and easy ways to get new looks, and go to protective styling, they still require some maintenance. Matted hair is a major cause of weave frustration. To avoid unravelling, it is essential to take care of your weave. It is important to know how to untangle […]

Good Hair Habits for Everybody It doesn’t matter how your hair looks, it is important to have a nighttime hair regimen. Although we all know that hair doesn’t grow overnight, here are some quick tips to ensure that your morning routine is flawless. Put All Your Hair Products in One Place Put your hair products You can avoid skipping […]

40 Inch Bundles are Hot Right Now! Rapunzel, Rapunzel let your hair down… This is what we should be telling female celebrities like Nicki Minaj or Cardi B. nowadays. Both rappers are known for their bold hair styles. They are often seen playing with color. They now have hair that is 40 inches long and longer. We can thank these two […]

What is Single Donor Hair? We all know that 100% of human hair is taken off a woman from many parts of the globe, including India, Malaysia and China as well as Vietnam, Brazil, Russia and a dozen others. Bunching your hair at the time you cut it is essential to prevent tangling or matting. This […]

Do You Know What Remy Hair Is? The term “Remy Hair” is often used. Is it a brand or a style? Is it a style? They are good for hair extensions. Bad hair extensions? What are remy extensions for hair? There are many terms used in the hair industry that can be mixed together and used for branding and marketing. It […]

How to Prevent Dry, Tangling & Matting Weave! Getting Down to the Root of the Issue I don’t know if you hate it but my hair gets tangled up. Our hair extensions are a favorite of ours, but sometimes they get tangled or matted. We don’t know why. What is the reason your hair weave becomes tangled or matted? Hair […]