How to Measure Your Head for a Wig (To Get The Perfect Fit)

Your Guide to a Perfect Fitting Wig

Find the perfect hair wig and order it. Then, try it on!

I’m sure you all know the feeling. How your wig fits on your head is crucial.

It is important to have a comfortable fit, especially if you are wearing your wig for extended periods of time. A wig cag that is too small or too large for your head will make you regret it.

First-time wig wearer? It is possible to purchase two sizes and keep the one that best fits your head.

This is an important step. The overall look and feel of the wig will be enhanced if it fits properly.

It is easy to pick the right size for your wig.

To measure your head for a wig, you can know what size wig is fit for you. For example, if your head is big, you can choose large capped wigs for big heads. Follow the steps below:

  • 1) Circumference
  • 2) Front hairline to the nape of your neck
  • 3) Ear-to-ear across hairline at the forehead
  • 4) Ear-to-ear over the top of your head
  • 5) Temple-to-temple behind the back of your head
  • 6) Nape of the neck at the back hairline

Each of these measurements will come in handy when looking at a wig-sizing guide. Similar to purchasing an item of clothing, each measurement represents a different part of the wig. The more accurate those measurements, the better the fit of your unit.

Step1: Measure Head Circumference

When it comes to measuring your head for a hair wig, the most common measurement is the head circumference. These steps will help you determine your head circumference.
1) Start at the middle of your forehead and pull the tape measure behind the other ear until it reaches your nape.
2) Wrap it around your neck and place it over the other ear.
3) Place the tape measure at the middle of your forehead.
4) Take the measurement.

Step2: Measure Front to Back

These steps will help you measure the top of your skull:
1) Position the tape measure at the hairline of your forehead.
2) Place it over your crown, and then pull the hair down to the base of the neck.
3) Take the measurement.

Step3: Measure across the Forehead

Measure across your forehead at the hairline to determine the size of your wig. This measurement is taken:
1) Place the tape measure’s end just above one ear.
2) Move the tape upwards and along the hairline, until it reaches one ear.
3) Take the measurement.

Step4: Measure over the top

These steps will help you measure the height of your head:
1) Place the tape measure’s end just above one ear.
2) Lift the tape over your head and reach the other ear.
3) Take the measurement.

Step5: Measure around the back

It is important to note that this measurement is not easy to overlook when measuring your head for a hair wig. This is how you do it:
1) Place the tape measure’s end at your temple.
2) Take it back and wrap it around your backside until it reaches the temple.
3) Make sure the tape measure is straight and level.
4) Take the measurement.

Step6: Measure the Nape of your Neck

Measure the nape of your neck. This is where you will find the base of your wig. Measure:
1) Place the tape measure’s end behind one ear.
2) Wrap the tape around your nape or hairline until it reaches the other ear.
3) Take the measurement.

Prep Your Hair for Sizing

People make the first mistake by measuring their heads while their hair isn’t slicked or molded down.

Before measuring, make sure you do the right steps. If you have long hair, pull it back into a ponytail or braid it (straight back cornrows).

For short hair, you can shape your hair with a product and then apply a cap to your hair. Measure your head once your hair is the way you want it to be.

Measure your head to determine the right size for you.

Part your hair if you don’t have the time or patience to do your hair in a way that fits your head. You can remove excess hair by dividing your hair.

You will need to measure your forehead from the nape. Create a middle section and divide your hair into two halves.

Begin the part at your hairline. End it at the nape. Measure the area using the measuring tape. To measure from ear to ear, make a horizontal section at the top of your head. Divide your hair into two halves.

To get the correct head measurements, move the tape around your head.

Wig Cap Sizes:

  • CHILD: (18.” – 19.5″ Circumference), (12.5″ Ear to Ear), (12″ Front to Back)
  • AVERAGE: (21.5″ – 22.5″ Circumference), (13.5″ Ear to Ear), (14″ Front to Back)
  • PETITE: (20.” – 21.5″ Circumference), (13″ Ear to Ear), (13.25″ Front to Back)
  • LARGE: (22.5″ – 23.5″ Circumference), (14″ Ear to Ear), (15.5″ Front to Back)
Remember, the sizing is a guideline. All companies and manufacturers have their sizing system. There are many simple techniques to make your wig feel more secure on your head.

Ways to Measure Head

Start with your circumference. This is the measurement of your hairline.

Start at the front of your hairline with a fabric tape measure. Next, move the tape to the nape. Then, go back to the hairline.

Use the chart to determine your size. Mark the end of the tape.

Ear to Ear

Begin by starting tape on one ear. Next, move it along your hairline and then stop at the opposite ear. Refer to the diagram above.

This measurement is the most crucial. Do not use other numbers to determine your size. Always measure your ears from the top of your head.

Nape to Forehead

This is the measurement of the length from your forehead to your nape. Look up to determine the nape of the neck. Place your finger at the bend. Your nape is located where your neck bends and your skin folds.

The bottom of your wig should be higher than this. This will ensure that your wig won’t move when you tilt your head back.

The tape should be placed at the hairline.

It is not the worst feeling to have a beautiful wig that doesn’t fit your head.

Making a wig with a head is crucial for a perfect fit. Make a sketch of your hairline. You can use your measurements and the tape for marking the distance on the wig head/wig block.

Take a measurement of your head and place a cap over it.

Styrofoam head wigs are usually 21-22 inches in diameter. Masking tape can be used to increase the height or width of the head.

The circumference and ear-to-ear measurements are the most crucial measurements. It will become looser over time if the circumference is too small.

If you have any concerns about measuring your head, you can always buy a wig with adjustable straps.

Perfect Fit Feeling

The wig should be positioned in a way that it fits comfortably over your natural hairline. This is usually a few inches higher than your eyebrows.

The back of the hair should reach the nape of your neck. Research shows that 95% of people wear a medium or average sized wig cap.

Most wigs are available in medium/large cap sizes, but most wigs have adjustable straps at the back. For the most comfortable fit, adjustable straps can be used to adjust the overall size and shape of your wig.

The size label on wig caps is located inside. This is a good opportunity to keep track of your size when you order another wig. A wig is something that anyone can wear. To get new hair, you must first measure your head correctly.

If the wig is too small, it will not look natural. This post will help you to find the right size.

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