Do You Know What Remy Hair Is?

The term “Remy Hair” is often used.

Is it a brand or a style? Is it a style? They are good for hair extensions. Bad hair extensions? What are remy extensions for hair?

There are many terms used in the hair industry that can be mixed together and used for branding and marketing.

It is important to be familiar with the terminology used in the hair industry as a business owner. Some clients will test you on your knowledge. It is important to be familiar with the details of common hair terms such as “Remy”, which can make it easier for you to succeed.

You will be able to explain Remy hair and other terminology to your competitors when you try to sell extensions .

iLovely Hair Extensions’ mission is to create hair brands for clients. We want them to be prepared for any question.

Before we get into Remy Hair, it is important to first understand how human hair is broken down.

Elements of Human Hair

The Medulla and Cortex are the three most important parts of a human hair shaft. These elements will allow you to visualize the human hair strand better.


The Medulla is the innermost layer of hair shaft.

The shaft of a Medulla is almost invisible and considered fragile. Scientists aren’t 100% sure of the Medullas role, but they do know that it exists.

You would not be able or able to feel this portion of hair. You could see the hair with a magnifying glass, but it is not necessary for hair quality inspection.


The Cortex is located between the Medulla & Cuticle.

The Cortex of a hair is the layer that contains the most pigment and gives it its color.


The cuticle is the outer layer of a human hair shaft. This term is often used in hair extension. This term is used by some people to name their brands.

When determining whether the hair is “Remy” or “Non-Remy”, the cuticle plays an important role. “Non-Remy.”

The actual cuticle is formed by dead cells that have merged. The cuticle is not the outer layer of hair. It does not alter the color of the cortex.

These dead cells provide hair strength and protection.

This is an example that I created to show you how a hair strands arrangement looks.

What is Remy Hair?

Let’s now discuss the hair’s composition and how it affects the definition of remy hair.

Your natural hair is in a downward-facing position. So are your cuticles.

You will feel some friction if you hold your bottom half of your hair and wet your hands. These are the cuticles that run along the hair’s strands.

Hair extensions that have all of the cuticles in the same direction would be considered Remy hair.

There is no scientific meaning for “Remy” in any other contexts. It might be used in other contexts, but that would be a marketing term or something someone made up.

Why is Remy Important for Hair Extensions?

Have you ever worn hair extensions to instantly matte up your hair and make it tangle? Yikes!

This is the worst!

You will see strands of hair that have cuticles in both directions when you use “Non-Remy” hair extensions. Hair extensions can quickly become damaged if this is the case.

This is often the case when hair extensions are collected or donated. If someone cuts the hair and it falls to the ground, and then collects it, there’s a good chance that the cuticles will go both up and down. This is when single donor hair collection is crucial.

To ensure that the cuticles of the hair are in the down position, you must band the hair. This is the best way to collect hair. Once the process of creating Remy hair extensions is completed, you can ensure that the strands remain in the same place during the shackling or wefting.

Hair extensions manufacturers are now more educated and know the importance of the whole process and the importance of Remy hair.

Marketing Terms for Remy

It can be confusing to use the term “Remy” because so many companies also use it in marketing and advertising.

Are all hair companies selling Remy hair actually called “Remy”?

There is no way around it!

We’ve seen cheap hair from beauty shops with “Remy” written in the brand name. Although they might not have stated if the hair offered was Remy, it was. However, it was mentioned in their brand name so most people would assume it to be.

Tricky huh?

You will almost always get what you pay when you deal with cheap hair.

Do You Sell Remy Hair?

All hair extensions sold under Ilovely Hair Extensions are considered Remy or Raw hair.

We are able to supply salon owners and stylists with thousands of hair extensions. Non-remy hair is not acceptable for stylists.

All hair sold in the China, Detroit and Charlotte iLovely Hair are 100% human hair. This is just to let you know that we are always 100% human hair.

Our hair team is happy to answer any questions you may have about hair extensions.

Remy Hair: Another Perspective!

We felt the topic was so important that we asked another writer to provide her research and perspective on Remy Hair.

We thought it would be interesting to see how many terms are used in the hair industry.

Jossenia Pomare wrote the following.

You will find the word “REMY” on nearly every package of “Human” hair you see if you go to any beauty supply. Remy is a marketing term that makes consumers believe the hair sold is better than any other “non-Remy” hair.

A lot of the “Remy” hair that is sold are either not-Remy, or mixed with synthetic hair.

Many women don’t understand Remy and buy Remy hair, which is the same as synthetic mixed hair.

After cutting the hair into a ponytail, the vendor must ensure that the cuticles are intact and that the hair follicles run in the same direction. The hair strands must be double drawn, which means that they should be equal length from the roots to the tips.

Usually, vendors will shave the hair of donors’ heads. This causes the cuticles in the opposite direction.

Purchasing Remy Hair

While some women might think they are saving money by buying non-Remy hair they actually are wasting their money.

Non-Remy hair can appear silky and soft at first, but it will soon become tangled and dry and not be able to hold a style after several washes. The hair is high-quality, as it has been treated with silicone by factories. This makes the hair soft, shiny, and silky. It is removable and washable.

Your hair may last for about a month before it is time to replace it. It will be very expensive to keep purchasing hair each month.

Remy hair is not virgin hair.

Sometimes I see these terms interchangeably. However, they don’t mean the exact same thing. Remy hair has cuticles that have been aligned and are in good condition. Hair should also be thick from the root to the tips and not tangled. Hair that has not been chemically treated is considered virgin. There are no bleaches, acid baths or harsh dyes.

How is Remy Hair Collected

The collection can be done in a salon or lab, but more often, an Indian temple.

hair vendor trims the hair from a donor’s ponytail. This ensures that cuticles are not damaged. The vendor then takes the hair to a factory for processing, cleaning, and bundle.

How is Non-Remy Hair Collected

Non-Remy hair is collected by vendors from temples and salon floors. This hair contains a mixture of short and longer hairs from various donors.

iLovely Hair Extensions offers some products with a bamboo steam treatment for virgin hair. However, products such as the Indian hair or Vietnamese hair can only be purchased raw. The hair has been steam processed to achieve a consistent curl pattern.

The cuticles of virgin hair are intact and can be dyed or heat styled. However, hair should not be tangled or shed.

Remy Hair Myths

  • Comes from India only
  • Costs thousands of dollars
  • Is the highest quality hair extension
  • Is completely unprocessed

Remy Hair Facts

  • Remy hair is mono-directional, with cuticles traveling in one direction
  • Strong and healthy hair

Remy VS. Virgin Hair. Which is Better?

Although Remy hair can be considered high-quality, it is neither the best nor the worst.

All quality levels of Remy hair are possible. There are some vendors who mix low-quality Remy hair with synthetic fiber. Top-quality Remy hair is soft and silky and can be dyed. To avoid low-quality, unremy hair, it is better to buy from a trusted source.

iLovely Hair Extensions Brazilian Virgin Hair and Malaysian Virgin Hair are my favorites. This hair meets Remy standards with all cuticles aligned, but it is high quality hair due to its lack of chemical damage.

How to Avoid Non-Remy Hair

It can be difficult to avoid low-quality non-Remy hair.

High-quality hair is a trademark of every hair-care company. So how do you avoid non-Remy hair? Here are some tips:

Avoid unreliable AliExpress Companies

I am not trying to discredit AliExpress. I used to be a regular buyer. But the truth is that most vendors selling hair on AliExpress are selling low-quality, cheap hair. If you’re not sure the quality of the hair you are receiving from AliExpress, I recommend you avoid them.

Contact the Company by calling/email

It is a great idea to contact a hair salon before you make a purchase. This allows you to learn about the company’s processes. Ask questions such as “How are your hair processed?” and “Are the cuticles intact?” If the agent is unsure, I would not recommend purchasing.

Take a look at the reviews

All reviews left on a company’s website will be positive. Check out their Yelp and Google reviews. These reviews are written by customers and not by the company. Customers can even upload YouTube videos describing the quality of their hair or the services they received from a hair salon.

You should look at updated reviews rather than first impression videos if you are looking for a YouTube video review. An updated review shows the hair’s quality after a period of time, while a first impression only shows the hair as it was when it was new.

Get a Remy Hair Extensions sample

You can buy a sample from many hair companies. This could be a small piece of a bundle or a single bundle. A sample allows you to feel and see the hair’s quality right after it has been removed from the packaging. It will not provide the same results as having your hair professionally installed for several weeks.

There is no guarantee of hair quality unless you buy from iLovely Hair.

Sometimes, it is necessary to make mistakes. It’s easier to identify bad hair, especially before you spend your money.

Have a question about Remy Hair? Leave your question in the comments!

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