What is Single Donor Hair?

We all know that 100% of human hair is taken off a woman from many parts of the globe, including India, Malaysia and China as well as Vietnam, Brazil, Russia and a dozen others.

Bunching your hair at the time you cut it is essential to prevent tangling or matting. This is the nightmare of every hair weaver.

Sometimes, hair is gathered from many donors and sent to a factory where it can be shackled (removes short hairs) or wefted.

Manufacturers will weft hair from one person that is designated as a single donor hair. This means that all hair in a bundle are gathered from one person and wefted together.

Do I Need Single Donor Hair?

Yes and No.

Single donor hair is typically only important when dealing with a few specific types of hair. For 99% of buyers, single donor hair is really not that important.

To be honest, it is more a marketing ploy to raise the price of the bundles.

When Single Donor Hair is IMPORTANT

When dealing with NATURAL hair with intricate curl patterns or colors, it is essential to have a single donor hair. This is often true when dealing with Raw Indian Hair and Raw Russian Hair, which are generally lighter than a 1B.

Raw Indian hair extensions may have a striking difference in color and curl pattern. This is a case where a single donor is crucial because the curl pattern of the hairs donated to the Hindu temple is different between the two donors.

In such cases, it is more important to have one donor hair bundle.

Take a look at the photo below. Imagine not having bundles of hair from one donor when you work with this type. This particular hair comes from Uzbekistan, where the natural color can change dramatically from one woman to another.

When Single Donor Hair is NOT Important

Most of the times, it is.

The hair extensions that are most popular have a curl pattern made by steam and bamboo.

Ever wonder why thousands upon thousands of bundles appear exactly the same? It’s not because thousands upon thousands of hair donors have the same curl pattern.

For most hair, there is no need for it to be from one donor. A 1B Body Wave doesn’t need to be from one donor. Except that they tell you it is from a single donor. This will result in you paying more.

We don’t have time for this!

Should You Sell Single Donor Hair Extensions

Private Label Extensions always has to consider the business side. You might be asked by a client for a single donor hair, but this is unlikely to happen very often.

Next, ask yourself if your average client is willing to pay the extra cost. It is unlikely. We have only had this experience in the hair industry.

It is important to have the exact same hair color and wave pattern for special situations. Selling hair extensions is a difficult task. You need to be focused on the most important things.

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