I don’t know why, but choosing your next hair color is never an easy task. Some people think it’s like going to the store and picking out a color and dying your hair, and that’s it.

Well, while this is the ideal way to go, there are some important things you should be aware of.

Unfortunately, once you’ve dyed your hair, whether it suits you or not, you may need to stick with it for a while before you turn it upside down. This means that you should do a lot of research before settling on a particular hair color.

You can always find some basic colors that people want, which include: black, blonde, brown and red.

But beyond these colors, there are hundreds of sub colors that make choosing it a nightmare.

Therefore, we will try to provide tips to consider when you are choosing your hair color.

What’s Hair Coloring

Hair coloring or hair bleaching is still an important part of the beauty industry. Hair coloring is simply the process by which you use dyes to change the color of your personal hair. It can be done professionally or at home.

Although people are not so keen, coloring your hair professionally is the safest way to get your dream color.

Different Kinds of Hair Color

There are several ways a hair colorist can color your hair. Check below to confirm which color you like best.

Bleaching then highlighting

This is a method of removing the natural color of the hair. The process is called oxidation. With oxidation, you simply decolorize the pigment in the hair shaft. Now, if you over bleach your hair, it will take on a yellowish keratin color.

Although most people are cautious about this, you will not be able to get a lighter color or blonde when you do not use bleach.

Temporary hair coloring

This is probably the easiest to do, but it will give you a more natural color. The best thing is that you don’t have to mix the color with anything, so you can just use the applicator colors.

They will fade and you should expect them to last no more than six weeks. They are much safer to use because they do not lighten your natural shade. If you want to keep the same color, temporary color is not the best for you.

It is affected by air and washing. This means you have to reapply it time and time again, which will eventually damage your hair. So just let the temporary color be just that, temporary.


They are sometimes called oxidizing because you have to mix hydrogen peroxide and ammonia as oxidizing agents and then also mix it with the coloring agent. Making colors is not easy.

When it comes to this type of coloring, your manufacturer will try as many times as possible to make sure the color is permanent. They further try to make it a color that is safe to use with little to no damage.

You can choose from a wide range of options in this group, and you don’t have to apply them over and over again as you would with a semi-permanent one. However, this hair color is usually the most damaging of all hair color types.

Ammonia Free

Of course, ammonia is known to damage hair over time. So, this product uses a compound called monoethanolamide (MEA) here. This is just a source of primary amines and alcohol. It regulates the PH value of the hair.

Nonetheless, it can still damage hair if you use it regularly.

Having said that, it is important to know that any hair you color is susceptible to damage. They can reduce the elasticity and strength of your hair. This means that you should be very careful with your hair.

So, while coloring your hair is great, you should always make an effort to hydrate your hair. Use deep conditioners and shampoos for your hair to keep it moisturized. With the right products, your hair will get the perfect shine manageability and keep its bounce.

Conditioning will help your bleached hair to flatten the normally raised cuticle. Then seal in moisture while reducing the likelihood of tangles. Finally, you will achieve a shinier appearance.

Reasons Why People Color Their Hair

Seasonal Hair Color Trends

For all the fashion-conscious people out there, hair color is a seasonal thing. We all love to look like the celebrities on the runway and how we do it best without making some changes. As summer approaches, we tend to lighten our hair and then darken it in the winter.

So whether you might be someone who likes to follow trends or you just like the fun of coloring your hair, you should be a part of it. If you will keep it professional.

It hides your gray hair

Women have problems accepting that they are aging, so using dyes to cover up any signs that they may be aging is a lifesaver after all. If you just want to cover up gray hair, you can simply dye your hair at home.

It’s in your golden years

Everyone has been through this. The golden years are when you want to do whatever you can to look different and get noticed. Some people will even dye their hair a rainbow of colors.

Of course, this is your time because you can forget about the bold colors on your head after all the professional work is done. You can enjoy the intense color if you want.

It’s OK to try it won’t last forever

After a few months or even years, your hair will return to its original color, so try the color you’ve always wanted to try. Hair color simply deposits color into your outer shaft, which means that your hair color will soon retain its natural type.

Hair Color Levels

Please note that the level of hair color is the darkness or lightness of the color. This means that all colors have levels, whether you choose a new color or just refer to your natural color.

The best way to describe hair color is to divide it into 10 levels. This scale spans all beauty industries. When you talk about color levels, not everyone understands you. Nevertheless, knowing the hair levels makes it easy to know which color is best for you.

You all know that hair dyes do not enhance the color by more than two levels over the natural color. Some hair dyes can even raise the color by 4 levels, but this is because the stylist uses the perfect strength whitening agent.

A simple example is let’s say you have dark hair that you want to go blonde; you may have to use bleach to help get the blonde color. Without bleach, the highest color you can achieve is a medium brown.

It will also help you when looking for a color toner for your hair. They will especially help you get rid of yellow or orange, especially if you go blonde. After bleaching, you may sometimes need them to remove brassiness.

What is The Color of My Hair

This is a question that challenges many people. Hair color levels apply even to redheads or people with dark hair. It’s just an easy way to find out how dark or light your hair is. Figuring this out is often challenging, especially if you compare it to nothing.

In case you can’t find your hair color on the table, you just need to estimate it. Then, you can check the exact level of your hair on the internet. I know you may be wondering if you can get a blonde with red hair.

The answer is to check if the hair is light enough to give a lighter shade like blonde. While some hair won’t give you the effect you want, as long as you still have some pigment left, you can decide to bleach it before you dye it.

These hair levels are not an accurate indication of how your hair will react to the color. You may have the same natural color and then dye it with the same content and I guarantee the results will not be even. Here’s why.

We all have different porosity, texture and quality. This means that the hair will change, but at a different rate than other people’s hair.

Hair Color Tones

So, once you have determined your natural hair color and the desired color, it’s time to figure out your hair color. This is the easiest because it only falls into 3 categories. It can be warm, cool or neutral. This tone is represented by a letter, as shown below.

Warm tones

  • C for copper
  • G for gold
  • for orange
  • R for red
  • W for warm
  • RB for brown/red
  • RO for red orange

Cool tones

  • A for ash
  • B for beige
  • B for blue
  • G for green
  • V for violet

N for neutral which is neither cold nor warm.

They will help you create the perfect shade. You can make your red hair color cooler by adding violet tones. When you mix the right cool and warm tones, you will sometimes get the perfect combination.

Don’t worry because they have received a lot of training in school to achieve this color. Essentially, tints are shades with some degree of warmth or coolness. Always use tones to help you achieve the colors you like.

What Does Ash Mean in Hair Coloring?

This is the pigment or character used to refer to the color of the hair. They have cool tones, mainly blue and green. They end up creating a color that looks like smoky and silvery.

They are not bright colors, but crisp tones that look smooth and cold. You use ash colorants to neutralize the orange color that is usually formed by using hydrogen peroxide in hair color.

It is more effective when you want a medium blonde or light brown color. It tends to smooth out your hair color, thus bringing back its

But Why Use It Anyways

  • You can use it to remove the brassy yellow-orange and red tones that usually develop when you color your hair.
  • If you want to have more than one color, it will provide you with an even color.
  • When you highlight your hair, it will cover the highlights, thus giving it an overall softer look.

Different Shades of Blonde

Every once in a while, we tend to gravitate towards blonde. Now check out the different types of blondes you can choose from. Keep in mind that the blonde shade you choose should bring out the best in you.

For one reason, we always stay away from blondes, we are rarely familiar with it.

Platinum blonde

This is the lightest shade of blonde on the market. Understanding platinum blonde doesn’t just stop there, as it comes in a variety of other sub-tone shades. It ranges from white to pale yellow or blonde.

It looks best if you have bright blue or brown eyes. Also, if you have light to medium skin tones, then your color will look perfect.

Natural blonde

As the title implies, it looks natural, like the hair you were born with. It is as multi-dimensional as platinum because it has many shades that fall into the same category. It looks perfect on any skin tone as long as the skin mimics your own.

Simply put, if you have a lighter skin tone. Choose a lighter shade and the opposite for those with darker skin tones.

Strawberry blonde

This basically features a warm, slightly reddish blonde color. It’s easy to mistake the strawberry color for those redheads. It is like all the other colors mentioned above, with many others in between. It all depends on the shade you choose, but know that it looks great in all skin tones.

Golden blonde

This is known as the healthiest blonde. Always choose a color that does not appear brassy, and then you can add lighter and brown colors to your hair. It is a multidimensional mix of creamy blonde and honey tones.

This is the best blonde to achieve balayage.

Ash blonde

Have you ever seen hair in gray and liked it? This is the kind of haircut. If you are only interested in softer shades, it is best for you. The gray color makes your hair look more mature. If you are starting to go gray, it actually suits you.

For those with pale to medium skin tones, it will further look best

Brownish blonde

Has a darker blonde tone. This has a warm, natural blonde style. It is suitable for those with fair to medium skin tones. If you also have light to medium eye color, then this is for you. It especially rocks those blue eyes, golden eyes and light brown eyes.

There are so many shades of gold that we will be writing about them all day. This just covers some of the most common ones.

Choosing the Best Color Tone

It’s the job of your professional colorist to make sure you get the best color possible. But before that, there are many factors that come into play, as shown below.

Figure out your skin tone

Skin tone is the most important thing when choosing a color. Only use natural light to determine the color. This is because the light bulb will change the tone of your skin. The easiest trick is to check the veins on the back of your palm.

Are they blue or purple? You have cool undertones.

Are they green? You have a warm undertone.

If they don’t really show it and they don’t like any color, then you’re neutral. If you’re neutral, then you’re lucky because all the undertones look perfect on you. Once you have determined your skin tone, choose a color that is the opposite of your skin tone.

  • Ash blonde – for cool tones and red undertones
  • Warm blondes with fair, cool skin have blue undertones. You have honey caramel amber blonde and butterscotch.
  • Cool browns – best for those with warm skin. They range from fair to dark skin tones. Yellow undertones are best for this area. It works for chestnut, dark chocolate mocha and dark russet.
  • Warm browns – This works well if you have medium skin with warm undertones. Choose a golden brown, honey, amber, mahogany or cinnamon hair color.
  • Cool Reds – This works if you have fair skin with red undertones. Use russet, burgundy and true reds.
  • Warm Red – Do you have neutral skin undertones or blue undertones on your fair skin? This color is for you. Choose strawberry blonde, amber, copper and other rusty shades.
  • Cool Black – This is perfect if you have warm undertones. In fact, if you have dark skin, you can wear cool black and your undertones don’t matter. It ranges from true black, espresso, licorice, etc.
  • Warm Blacks – Do you have cool undertones for your fair and medium skin? This one’s for you. They range from dark mocha, cocoa, and brown-black. Nonetheless, if you have dark skin, you should use a mocha or cocoa color to warm it up.

How much time and money are you putting to this?

Once you’ve chosen your shade and color, it’s time to know how much effort you’ve put into it. Remember, once you have the color, you need to maintain your scalp and hair to prevent breakage.

Do you invest in products that nourish your hair after coloring? Keeping your new hair color is inevitable, but you only need to buy the quality products that will of course cost you. Keep in mind that you will need to perform root touch-ups every other month.

Consistency is key

Once you’ve colored your hair, it’s best to just keep on keeping on with your hair. For example, if you are wearing blonde or any other light color, visit the salon often to color your dark roots.

Keep using the best products for your hair to maintain its moisture and texture and eventually restore it to perfect health.

Determine the state of your hair

Check your hair and if you find it brittle and soft, don’t make drastic changes. If your hair has never been chemically treated, then it is likely to remain strong. However, if your hair is damaged, dye it a darker color instead of a lighter one.

If your hair is more lightly damaged, you may be damaging it further. If you really want a lighter shade though you can invest in products that restore the strength of your hair first.

Age Factor and Color

While you may like blondes, light colored blondes are not the best for people who are getting older. It’s not about skin color. It brings out wrinkles and other features of getting older.

On the other hand, if you are young, you can enjoy all the different colors.

Use only color safe products

There are a lot of cool hair products on the market, but not all of them are color safe. Choose shampoo oil conditioners and any other products that are safer for your color or you’ll be stripping them out in no time.

What about coloring applications?

Today, you don’t have to mess up your hair to find the right color, just use an app. Test new colors without making a commitment to your hair. Here are the apps to try

  • Style my hair app – the ultimate app for trending apps

This is the most flexible hair coloring app you will ever have. It takes YouCam technology and then adds various features to make it easier to use. You will experiment with a wide range of shades.

  • YouCam Makeup

This is the first popular color that helps people find the ideal color. You have hundreds of colors here and you can also experiment with makeup styles.

  • Hair coloring app

It will give you a realistic finished look. Simply upload your photo and outline your hair to get started.

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