We all like to change the way we see ourselves, and this is especially true for women. As a woman, the best change you can get is a change in your hair. And since you can do so many things to your hair, it can sometimes be confusing.

Sometimes the only thing you need to do is change the color of your hair. Even if you decide to color your hair, there are thousands of options to try for hair color. For people who don’t know much about color, this can be confusing.

Of course, if you want to change your hair color, the right shades and tones are important.

This is why color charts are so important.

Any hair color chart will show different tones. With this range of colors, you can find the right color for you.

The main colors are usually blonde, dark, red and black. For most companies, you have primary colors with different warm and cool ranges.

Many of ilovelyhair.com customers may be confused about colors when buying hair. That’s why we’ve summarized the color cards.

Now below are the color options available.

Hair Weave Chart

This is the hair color weave chart. Most of the hair extension options you choose are from this type of chart.

Hair Extension Chart

The Extensive Description of the Colors

When you want a good hair color, you need to tie the following knots

The hair color levels

We have up to 10 levels of hair color, the difference depends on the shade of hair color. So, in this case, your level 1 is pitch black and level 10 is blonde. When you talk about color levels, everyone will understand what you mean.

This is the easiest way to use in a color description. Other colors are then formed based on tonal differences. On the other hand, the level is usually determined by the pigment that causes the difference.

Choose your natural hair color according to the natural hair color on the hair color chart. If you intend to color your hair, the difference depends on how dark or light you want it to be. Therefore, it is recommended to lift your hair one or two shades higher or lower.

With the different levels, you can even cover the gray completely.

The hair color tones

You can’t make the right choice if you don’t know the tones you choose to wear. So, once you know the level, you should choose the tone. Tones are usually represented using letters, rather than levels that indicate numerical differences.

Therefore, it is believed that every color you have has a combination of black, brown, red and yellow. But the red and yellow pigments determine the tone of your hair color.

Cool tones:





V- violet

Warm tones






RB-Red Brown

RO-Red Orange


N-Neutral which means that the hair is neither warm nor cold.

Which skin tone suits you best?

Skin tone will play an important role when choosing hair extension colors. Because your hair is close to your face, the right skin tone will flatter your face. It will also bring out the best in you.

It will even make your skin glow and ultimately make you look younger. Nevertheless, the only way to make the right choice in terms of tone is to

Know what your skin tone is

It’s easy to understand your skin tone. You should be in the sun in natural light. Check the veins on your wrist. What color are the veins?

If they are purple or blue – your skin tone is cold.

If you have green veins – you have one of the warm skin

If you have both colors, your color is neutral and is the best shade because you can play around with every color you can think of.

Another way to get to know your skin tone is to wear sparkly silver jewelry and then gold jewelry. Which one suits you best?

If you look better in silver jewelry, you have a cool skin tone. If you look better in gold jewelry, you are a warm skin tone. If they both look great on you, then you’re probably neutral.

Best color based on skin tone

Please note that you should wear clothes that are the opposite of your skin tone. If your skin tone is cold, you should wear warm tones and vice versa.

So, if you have a cool skin tone (those with a lot of powder blue or red undertones), use your hair to reduce the redness on your skin. If you have lighter skin with cooler undertones, use warm and blonde colors.

If you are warm and light, you should use light reds, off-whites and other cool colors.

For those with darker and cooler skin tones, you should use black because it suits your hair perfectly. It will also bring out the right features of your skin. You can further use espresso, deep violet and blue-black.

If you want to highlight the color, you can use platinum blonde, blue-red or brown.

Lace color

When you are looking for the right lace color, you should choose between the four most popular colors. If possible, choose a color that matches your skin tone. But if you can find one that is the exact same color as your scalp, then choose a lighter color.

Wig color

For wigs, just like your regular weave, you can choose different colors for different styles.

Under wig colors, you can also have solid colors.

Hair extensions can come in different colors, but sometimes you miss your favorite color. If this is the case, you can purchase a human hair type and then color it yourself. Just be sure to keep 3-4 levels of color when coloring.


  • Keep your skin tone in mind when choosing the color you want to use. In general, darker colors are best for lighter skin tones.
  • Make sure your hair extensions are virgin Remy type. Virgin hair is very easy to color.

Brown hair color chart

The color of brown hair makes it a favorite color for most people. It has many shades to suit everyone.

When you are looking for the right shade of brown for you, please refer to the table below.

Red hair

It is the best choice for those who like red hair below.

Shades blonde

Most of us love blonde hair. Either as an extension or as your natural color.

Indian lace wig color chart

Hot Pink Hair

Burgundy Hair

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