More Than 110 Weave Hairstyles You Can Try

If the woolly weave bug doesn’t sting you, I must say you are so unique.

For over 25 years, weaving has taken over the world of women’s hair, and it’s all for good reason.

There are thousands of weave hairstyles and I am sure every woman can find a style that suits them.

Thank goodness for celebrities, because through them, the average woman knows several rockin’ styles.

A hair weave is the easiest way to look good in a short amount of time, especially on your special day.

While some people wear a weave because of its protective nature, others know the value of this style.

Most people use weaves to change their perception. Also, since you cover your hair with purchased synthetic hair, weaves usually provide good protection for natural hair.

Weaves give you the option to try different colors on your weave without having to color your hair. In addition, you can experiment with different hairstyles such as curly, straight and wavy hair. Any style of weave is possible.

Straight weave hairstyle

Compared to curly hair, straight braided styles are popular but not like curly hair. The reason for this is that they require a lot of maintenance. However, more and more women are embracing the use of straight weave fabrics.

It will add length, help you change the color of your hair, or allow you to choose a hairstyle look like never before.

Straight weave with side bangs

For this straight weave, if you want to add some spice to it, you can add a side swept bangs. If you choose long straight hair, adding side swept bangs will make it look bigger. If you prefer, you can add straight bangs or slightly wavy bangs.

Straight center parted hair

I don’t know of anyone who can’t rock this style. It suits almost anyone’s hair. When you have long, straight hair, it’s better to make a middle part. This style is designed to elongate the face.

Straight weave with sides

When you have a straight weave, you can use deep side sections to make it sleek. While some people look great when separated in the middle, others just look great on the sides. Know only your best shots.

Straight hair weave with a bun

The simple bun style for straight hair gives you a distinctive look. It gives you a youthful feel and look. Of course, when you do a bun, you need not only long hair but also voluminous hair.

If these are not features of your natural hair, then this hair will save you a day. You should only know where to put the bun to get a better look. You can choose another color for your hair, but make sure it matches your skin tone.

Deep Wave Weave Hairstyles

This is one of the best quality styles. It is also very popular because it is versatile. When the temperature rises, you will notice more people wearing this style. It’s summer here and you can certainly see it in women’s hairstyles.

Of course, for some people, straight hair is boring. This is true if you don’t know how to set different styles. Curls and waves are great because you can let them flow without getting bored.

Deep wave half up half down

The secret to half up and half down is to make the hair long with deep waves. What makes this style ideal is that it provides a full view of the face. All your facial features will be visible. You can decide to make the front part neat or thick.

First fix the top in the bun and then let the bottom flow. Use the right product to keep the hair shiny. To get a better look, remove your baby hair.

Deep wave bun

Looking like a messy bun, this hairstyle is perfect for all different settings. Whether you are attending a formal event or a casual one. Plus, if your natural hair is curly, no one will say you’re wearing a weave.

If you want, you can wear a 360 hairstyle. So, you can decide to leave it smooth and hold your scalp, or just a loose bun.

Curly Hairstyle with Weave

Curly hair is the easiest to rock and suits all head shapes. You can use this hairstyle for long or short hair. Even for young girls, curly hair fits well and is easy to style.

Short curly hairstyle

Short curly hair is perfect for different women who intend to go for different occasions. Here we show some of the short styles that make you look your best. Most people make it look like Bob style.

Short and fluffy hairstyle

The curls are loose, but they look good for those who like the African style. Make sure you choose a length that is almost flush with your neck and the correct color. This weave style is easy to manage because you should let the curls flow.

You can decide to part your hair or let it flow down to your forehead.

Short curly bob

The curls add interest to the Bob style. In addition, side separations enhance the look. It is a thick hairstyle. As a result, you look young and stylish. Not many people will know that it is a weave because it looks like your natural hair.

The secret is to take care of it and make sure it stays shiny.

Tapered curly short hair weave hairdo

Tapered hairstyles will bring out the best in your facial features and art. When the hair is curled, they are easier to manage because you don’t have to comb it as often. In this case, it makes the sides shorter and the crown longer.

This style looks good, has a lot of volume and makes you look young. It also has an attractive feel and look. You can decide to highlight it if you like, or have it mimic your natural hair color.

Cherry red ringlets

This is another type of curly hair that makes you look your best. With this short weave, you can maintain your hair by restoring the curls every day when you plan to go to bed. Use the curling iron at night and remove it in the morning to start the day.

Short curly thick hairstyle

If you can get a weave that is as thick as a twisted knot, then you are good to go with the African style. Just make sure you lay your baby’s hair down nicely. Let the curls flow down naturally.

Curly Mohawk with a braided style

If you like short curly hair, you can rock this style too. The essence of the style is the cornrows. Do some nice cornrows on the side and then wear the crown curl weave down the back of your neck. If you want, let the weave flow down to the forehead.

The Mohawk suits most face shapes, especially round ones. You can make the curls as small as you want them to be.

Soft mohawk with an undercut

You can categorize this as a curly mohawk or a curly short weave. In this case, you will get a side undercut and then stitch in the weave. If you like, you can use two different colors for the hairstyle.

Very short curly weave

As a woman, you can wear this style at any age. I like that it is the most manageable weave style because it is very short. Choose gray to make a significant difference to your hair. Curly hair is both messy and defined.

This is the shortest curl you can have, but it’s also the best.

Curly weaves with bangs

You know that bangs add interest to an already beautiful style. It even makes the hair easy to handle.

Curly Bangs

Are you a woman with naturally curly hair? Others wish to develop curly hair; therefore they choose to weave.

Even if you are not confident with them, curly bangs will allow you to show off your curls. You may decide to tie your hair in a high ponytail and let the bangs flow to the front. This is especially beneficial for people with wider foreheads.

For some reason, these loose curls will make your face and forehead look slimmer.

Messy and long curls with side bangs

Look at this; there is no style of this weave you can’t try because it is long. Side bangs are great because they make you look better.

Afro kinky curls

Naturally, more black women don’t want to be associated with curly hair. Today, we embrace our locks and flaunt them everywhere. When you have a curly African weave, you will have naturally curly bangs.

Long Curly Weave Style

This is the hair that every woman dreams of. It gives you a different view from what you are used to.

This weave works for most women. With this, it doesn’t matter what kind of hair you have because it can make you look striking. There are hundreds of different types of long curly weave styles available for you to rock, as shown below.

Half up half down long curly hair

The good thing about long hair is that it’s a little easier to style. When you want to wear a high ponytail, a long weave makes it easy to create the look. It’s even better when you add the fact that you can change the color of your hair.

Hold and comb the hair from the forehead to the top of the head. Make sure it is held tightly and then let it flow down.

The headband on the curls

Sometimes you just need to tie a headband neatly around your curly hair and you’re good to go. Simply choose the best band color and tie it from the crown area to the back of your head.

It binds all your hair tightly together and makes it voluminous.

Long ringlets with a pompadour

Anyone who likes to play with different styles knows that pompadour is great when you want to reduce the size of your face. It offers you the perfect combination with tightly visible curls in chocolate brown.

It has enhanced volume and thickens the hair. Long hair and style will make your head spin.

Long blue ringlet with a mid-parting

Are you a dramatic person? Bold blue should not be a problem to wear. There is no need to dye your hair blue, you can wear his hair extensions to enjoy the same effect. Parting in the middle also makes the style flow easily.

Long curly hair with bangs

From color to curls, this style will make you look your best. Bangs-like raindrops make you look young. You can put your hair in a ponytail and let the short bangs flow to the front.

Long Curly Sew In Style

Vixen sew in style

Vixen sew in style is great, especially when it comes to long curly hair. Once you have the hair installed, you can design it in a half-up, half-down style.

Brush the hair over the forehead for a more complete look.

curly burgundy sew in style

This style is sewn in elegant curls. If you have the right skin tone, its burgundy color blends well with loose curls. This side part shapes your face.

Long wavy weave hairstyle

No one can’t look vibrant in a wave style, and you know why? The style itself tends to be vibrant. It also makes you look your best.

Loose waves with bangs

When you have loose waves, they are easier to manage than curly hair. Burgundy bangs are the extra spice that blends perfectly with your skin.

Middle Parting Weave Hairstyles

Sleek straight hairstyle with a middle parting

Here you have a bone straight hairstyle separated in the middle. It is also a hairstyle. The sleek straight weave gives you a professional look. But I like that you can set up different styles as needed.

Loose waves middle parting style

Usually the middle separation suits almost everyone. If you have a round face, it’s even better. The loose wave style is easy to take care of and is popular.

Middle parting bob hairstyle

The Bob hair style features straight hair and is a stunning style. It also has blunt edges and center parting. To get a different professional look, wear this style.

Mid part medium textured hair

Deep Side Part Weave Styles

Deep side part with a ponytail

Old style ponytails can become different when they have a new separation at the back of the neck. The secret to this style is to keep it smooth and sleek. You can further style baby hair for a more enhanced look.

Deep side part with bangs

Bob-style bangs make all the difference. In addition, side separations enhance the look. Make hair smooth and slightly wavy for a complete look.

Deep side part sew in

When you only want a longer length, you should choose to have a stylized deep edge section. This will create all visible facial features. In addition, the side swept style enhances your view.

Braided bands have loose waves to enhance the curls.

Voluminous deep side-swept styles

In the process of making the crown high, you add volume to the hair. Finally, you have a striking style. In addition, if you separate the deep side of the style into sections, you will enhance the look.

Natural Looking Styles

High bun with a bang

This is one of the styles that looks natural. But the secret is to stay sharp during the application process. Put your hair in a high bun and then let the front bangs flow to make it look as natural as possible. It works best when you have straight hair.

High bun with the swoop bangs

Once again you have the high bun as a braid and the swooping bangs make it a stylish style with a more natural look. For all professional and authentic looks, try this style.

Bubble Mohawk braid style

Look at this style, do you think it is weave? With this style, the fact that it’s been separated three times makes it look natural. You can see the scalp so it looks natural. Next, braid these sections to create a mohawk that feels and looks natural.

Braided ponytail

This is another style that looks natural and realistic. You braid your hair into a single braid and secure it to the top of your head. Next, attach the braided hair to the section that is tied and then braided; this makes it look natural.

Full Weave Style

Medium Length Weave

Loose wave medium length hairstyle

More women are choosing to wear medium length hair simply because it is comfortable. When you take this cute and chic style, you are walking up a ladder because you look like a lady. Its loose curls are meant to define your face more.

Blonde Wavy medium length hairstyle

Who says that only long hair can be kept straight? This hair is not bone straight, but it is still straight. Medium length is further ideal.

Adding a blonde color makes it even better. If this color blends well with your skin, you will make a statement. This style looks like balayage, which gives you a stylish edge.

Shoulder Length Weave Style

Loose wave shoulder length weave

This style looks so perfect, you would think it was her natural hair. Near the end, we have loose waves. This shoulder length braid is great because the ends are textured.

Curly shoulder length style

Neck Length Weave Hairstyle

Curly bob style

Chic and elegant is the description of this curly bob style. The curls at the end of the hair make it look better. On the other hand, the side parting creates a stylish fringe on the face. The good thing about this type of hair is that you can change it as often as you want.

Asymmetrical Bob

An asymmetrical bob is another way to look like a lady but enhance your beauty. You can part your hair sideways and keep one side long and the other short. Remember to take care of it though.

Bob Weave Hairstyle

Burgundy bob hairstyle

It’s all about color, and burgundy will brighten up your face. As a bob style, it’s easy to manage and it shapes her face. I love the bob and the part she did on top to add some pizzazz.

Curly burgundy bob

Anything curly works for me. This bob style has an extra curly end and a side bend that is also wavy.

Wavy bob hairstyle

Making your hair wavy or curly is entirely a matter of personal preference. You can choose to straighten it a bit or make it wavy with a bob. However, choosing the right color for you is crucial.

A side parting makes it look asymmetrical, even though it isn’t. With this style, your confidence will be boosted because you know you look good.

Deep side part bob

Also, the middle section is the most popular style; the deep side section is equally popular with many people. You made the ends blunt, which makes it more appealing to the eye.

Side part bob style

If you don’t like to be bothered by long locks, Bob is often the best style. This one looks amazing, and the side part is what enhances its look. For this style, choose a thick weave of hair to make it perfect. This hairstyle is quite short.

Bob with Bangs

With this style, you have a sleek and straight bob. The bob on the front is the best, it creates a completely different personality. I call it the bold bombshell. It has been on the market for a long time and is here to stay.

Long quick weave bob with bangs

This is a cute long bob that suits almost everyone. It has side bangs and then you put baby hair flat on the other side. The ends of the hair are made curly to give the look more character.

Sew in Hairstyle

Side part sew in hairstyle

The side part of this stitching is so clear. To see it better, make the braid longer. Let the braid form a side part to further tone it. Lay on baby hair for a finished look.

Sew in bob

The seamed bob style is one of the oldest styles in the weave country. I like the seamed style because it allows those who don’t want a bob cut to enjoy a bob. Having your hair in loose curls will make it perfect.

Sew in blonde bob

Blonde hair doesn’t suit everyone else. However, if you can find a shade that suits you best, go for it. As a sew-in, it’s flexible because you don’t need to cut your hair or change the color.

Side part with minimal leave outs

As we always say, the only way to make a weave look real is to keep some wigs. The hair is straight and has a deep side parting to give it a natural look. Since the hair is long, you can style it however you want.

Chocolate sew in

Sometimes all you need is to play around with color. Chocolate brown will blend in with almost any black woman’s hair. The curls were further made large enough to hold the bounce. I love the side hair on the forehead. Of all the hairstyles out there, this is the sexiest one.

Half Braids half sew in

Sometimes braiding half of your hair will make it look more natural. Not most people can tell it’s not hair because the braid is nicely attached to the weave. A bun makes it look like you’re just holding your hair in a bun.

Long sew in with bangs

For those of you who like long hair, we have this style for you. When using a long braid, it doesn’t have to be straight. You can let it become loose and wavy to add interest to the look.

Full sew in weave

The only thing that excited me when I just finished a new weave was how natural it looked. I find that curls work best when you want to do a full seam. It often looks so natural.

Red sew in styles

There are several women who are obsessed with red braided hair. If it suits your skin, then wear it. With loose waves and side parts with explosions as an example, you will look the most beautiful. It looks chic and pretty in almost every event.

Curly sew in weave

If you love curls, these loose curls will serve you well. If you have always wanted layers of curls on your head, this is the ideal choice for you. It’s even better if you have long curly hair yourself, because then you’ll look natural.

Mohawk sew in weave style

Many women are using the Mohawk style, so we must mention it here. Get yourself a braid and attach it to your mohawk and make sure that your undercut is neat. It is a modern style that makes you feel like a part of the new age.

Sew in bob with closure

The way to get the full seamed look is when you use closures. It comes with a side parting and bangs to get more definition. I like that it has fairly thick hair; so it looks very full. You have to know how to comb it into place so that it stays smooth.

Half sew in weave

Unlike a full suture, where you have to spend three to four hours, here you only have to spend a maximum of thirty minutes. It features a nice undercut with a sewn weave in the head area. At the end, you will have a front bumpy haircut.

The braid used is thick to complement the cut hair and looks thick as well.

Sew in bun

If you have thick hair, but it is short, you can create a favorite bun style with a sewn weave. In this case, we have the half-up, half-down bun style which covers the sew-in track and still looks best on her. The burgundy color of the weave makes it even more beautiful.

Ombre sew in style

I like to play around with different colors with braids, which is my style these days. Coming with blonde ends and dark brown roots, you’ll look the prettiest. It has side layered bangs that tone down the look.

I often like to do ombre style roots to mimic my natural hair color. It makes it look more natural.

Straight sew in

Long and straight stitching serves all and sundry. You will be visible from a distance. While most people avoid it for fear of maintenance, buying a quality piece makes it easy to manage. In addition, you can use this weave to enjoy a different texture from your own.

Two-toned weaves

If you’ve noticed, the two-tone weave style has become so popular around the world. This one comes in both blonde and black colors. This braid is not as exaggerated, which makes it easy to wear. You can also use it to make professional phone calls.

Two-toned bob style

This bob style is only for the bold. The mixture of black and blonde hair makes you professional but still fierce. You can decide to use other different and dramatic colors.

Colored Weave Hairstyles

Orange color weave

I saw a few people wearing these burning orange weave. This weave looked very voluminous. It is long and wavy with a side part. The orange braid is a very bold way to wear it.

Pink wavy weave

Celebrities like Nikki Minaj have been wearing the color for so long. So why not give it a try, especially if you can find a color that blends with your skin tone? This is further great because it has orchid colored hair mixed in.

Yellow weave

Well, until recently, I didn’t know that one could wear a yellow weave or wig. But I must say it looks very good. Sunflower yellow is great, especially if you can blend it in well with your natural hair.

Blonde weave

There are many ways to wear gold braids. But my favorite is that you pair it with an Ombre style. So, you have dark roots and bright ends.

Ombre weave hairstyle

For ombre styles, you have a lot of options to try. It usually looks good because the roots are still dark. This black and burgundy ombre style is great. The wavy curls make it even better. I often say, like this one, that ombre looks better.

Purple bob weave

I love the style of purple, it is very common these days. You can choose a dark or bright color. I like the darker color because it matches my skin tone. Loose waves add vibrancy to this style.

Purple long weave

Long haircuts are irresistible to most women. Here’s a purple loose wave braid to try.

Red curly weave

In a way, red is a color that anyone can try because it comes in different shades. This style is even more perfect when you make it curly and long hair.

Red long wavy weave

With its lost waves, this color can bring out the best in your facial features.

Light brown hairstyle

Here’s a light brown option for you to try. Make your hair curly and style it as you wish. Best used by those with a few shades lighter than braids.

Blue weave

More women are embracing the color blue weave. Older and younger people are finding ways to rock this color. It has a center parting, which makes it look great.

Mermaid green style

Depending on your skin tone, you can try this color as well. Green is also the color you will see most women wearing today. I wish it wasn’t a darker shade though.

Ponytails with weave styles

Trendy bubble ponytail

This is easy to do. It works best on straightened hair. So, comb through your hair and secure it in a ponytail. Next, add the weave and clip the tail with a rubber band to create a foamy tail.

Braided ponytail with weave

This will look good on anyone who is willing to try it. You braid your hair into a fishtail braid. Next, add on both thick and thin cornrows. To further enhance the look, she adds rings on top.

Curly ponytail with braids and cuffs

This is very chic, so you need to braid your curls into a ponytail and do a triangle braid. Adding cuffs will enhance the look even more.

Long ponytail black weave

If you have long hair, ponytails are the best. But don’t worry, because today you can replace your short hair with braids.

Black Weave Hairstyles for Round Faces

Women who have round faces are very different from other women. For this reason, you must find a style that suits your face shape.

Short curly pixie
Long bumped up curls
High ponytail

Human Hair Weave Hairstyles

There are several types of human hair weaves on the market. At the same time, you can have thousands of the same style.

Half up half down
Two braids grey ombre weave
Straight human hair weave

10-inch Bob Style

Wavy bob weave

The 10 inch bob style suits many people because it is not too short and not too long. This hairstyle is made with Malaysian body wavy hair. It also comes with a side parting style to keep the weave in place.

straight wig

Updo With Weave

Sleek updo with a high knotted chunky bun

Updo With Weave

The hair in the bun is an extension of the braid, so you can braid it at the back of your head and then comb the front side.

Cute Hairstyles

There are thousands of cute styles that you can try. Here are a few ideas.

Box braided updo with a weave bun
S bun goddess braids
Cute braided style

Latest Weaving Hairstyle

Full updo hairstyle

What I like about this style is that it makes it feel as if you’re not wearing webbing. It’s more like nature. Some people decide to weave complete stitched webbing for this style.

Stylish lemonade

Although this style has been around for a long time, more and more people are embracing it as time goes on. You braid your hair in a braided style.

Skater girls’style
Creative weaving style
Simple weave style

This is a simple, traditional way of joining weaves.

Easy weave hairstyle

White Girls Weave Hairstyles

There is a common perception that only black girls wear wigs. However, white women also wear wigs. The Kardashians are a good example of this. More celebrities also wear braids, but mainly to add volume to their hair.

Most of them use miniature braids, clips and tape.

Straight hair with volume
Long and curly hair
Braided hair

What do you think about white women wearing braids? They look good, don’t they?

Hair Weave Tips

  • When getting a weave, always make sure you get the length that is closest to your natural hair (click here to get tips on choosing the correct length of hair extensions.) This way, not many people will know that you are wearing it.
  • Remember, even if you are wearing a weave, take care of your natural hair.
  • Choose a color that suits your skin tone and take good care of it. This is better than dying your hair.
  • When stylists perform stitches, don’t let them tighten your hair too much. This will cause damage to the hair.
  • Be sure to purchase a high quality weave to ensure protection from bacteria and mildew.
  • Style the weave the way you like it.

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