U-Part Wig Making 101

The U-Part Wig is the ideal transition style if you’re thinking of jumping into the wig game.

It’s a cross between a partial stitch-in or a lace wig. A U-part wig requires more work than the former, but is less labor intensive than the latter.

You can blend your hair out through the hole or attach a closure to create a style that looks like it’s growing from your scalp.

Because the U-part wig doubles up as a protective style, the bulk of your hair is wrapped and hidden underneath the Wig. This can provide you with the same effect as partial sew-ins. The most important difference between the partial and the Upart wig is the fact that you have full access to your hair.

You don’t need to braid tight and have a lot tension around your edges. The wig can be taken off and on every night.

Tools to Make a U-Part Wig

U-Part wigs can be purchased at a beauty supply store near your favorite brand. However, these premade options can be difficult to customize.

Pre-made wigs are not able to determine the size of the hole for your leave out. You can also change your mind at home if you want a left or right side.

These are the reasons you can make a stunning U-part wig at your home with the steps and the tools listed below.

  • Wig Cap, or U-Part Wig Cap
  • Foam Head
  • Depending on your preference density, you may need 2 to 3 bundles of private label extensions.
  • Wig Clips
  • Hair Needle and Thread
  • Scissors
  • Pins (optional).
  • Hot Glue Sticks & Glue Gun (depending on the method).
  • Hair Glue & Blow Dryer (depending on the method).
  • Hair Weave

Step 1: Braiding Pattern

The braids are the first thing to do. The braiding pattern is just as important as a sew in to ensure that your U-Part lies flat and completes your look.

Make sure you braid two anchor braids around the U-Part. This will give you a place to attach your wig clips. You can also braid your edges and leave out hair. Make sure to leave enough hair around your U-part.

The rest of your hair should be pinned to your back.

Step 2: Apply the hair

Depending on which method you choose, the next step may take longer or shorter depending on whether your tracks are sewn on or glued on. If I intend to use the hair in a different style, I would sew it on.

Glue can be too messy to reuse. However, cutting threads will make it much easier to remove hair and use it to create another sew-in or style wig.

How to Make Your U-Part Wig

  1. Use a ruler to measure your wig’s length if you are using a wig-cap that has not been pre-cut.
  2. Pin your wig cap to your foam head.
  3. Your wig cap should be the same size as your leave out.
  4. Start sewing on your hair starting at the edge of the cap. As you add hair to the cap, thread the thick black thread through the wig cap first, then through its weft. Layer by layer, sew each track of the wig cap in a U-shape.
  5. To secure the track at the border of your wig cap, wrap the thread twice around the needle. Because the tracks are not visible and cannot be removed, you can use larger stitches to secure the hair to the bottom and middle of the wig caps.
  6. Make sure you stop sewing at the marks on the cap. These should be smaller and more closely spaced as you will be adjusting the leave out of your wig often.
  7. Remove the U-part section of the wig. Cut not too close to the top tracks. Avoid cutting too close to the top tracks.

Step Three: Adding Wig Clips

Place one clip on each end of the U-part, and place two to three more around the cap’s back border.

Attach the clips to the wig clip by sewing them down. Use a knot to secure the clip.

If time is tight, glue can be used to make a U part wig.

  1. Braid your hair down.
  2. Make sure you measure your leave.
  3. Mark your wig cap.
  4. To secure your hair to your cap, glue the tracks from the bottom using a hot glue gun (or weave glue).
  5. Make a U-part by cutting the excess fabric.
  6. Secure your wig clips.

Notice: If you have a Latex allergy, or are sensitive to glue, this method may adversely affect your hair. You might want to consider gluing your tracks.

U-Part Wig Making Tips!

The fold-over method is great for attaching the tracks to your cap.

Instead of cutting your track at the border of the wig, fold the track in half and attach it to the cap. Although this may take longer, it will reduce shedding.

You can personalize your U-part wig and make a hairstyle only you can pull off.

Leave a comment below if you have any tips or experience with making a U-Part hairstyle and would like to share them!

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