How to Choose the Right Hair Extension Lengths

There are many types of hair extensions, but did you know that choosing hair extensions is a whole process in itself?

There are many factors to consider, and one of them is length.

Choosing the length should not be difficult, as some people prefer long hair, while others prefer short or medium hair.

In short, people need to choose hair that is less than 4 inches longer than their natural hair.

This will always give you leeway to trim the ends when you want to rather than cut your natural hair. Four inches works best if you are using human hair rather than synthetic hair

In the end, all you want is for your natural hair to look natural and not fake.

Generally speaking, while short natural hair can be worn long, hair that sticks out slightly from your natural hair looks more natural than overly extended hair.

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How to Measure The Hair Length

Use the tape to measure the hair down from the middle of your ear to show you roughly where the extension will fall on you. It further shows you how far it will fall compared to your own hair.

Because it’s a little tricky to know the length of hair you should use compared to your height and build. It is best to follow the criteria below.

You need a mirror and a tape.

  • Simply stand in front of a mirror with a tape measure.
  • Choose 20, 22 or 24 inches and place the tape measure at ear level, as that is where you may catch your hair.
  • Now, observe the tape measure and understand that where the tape measure falls is also where the extension is. So, let the tape fall.
  • If you have curly or wavy hair, you should subtract 2 inches and know that’s where the hair is expected to fall.

Tips for Finding the Right Extension Lengths

This hair extensions length chart will help – use it to choose the right length of hair:

InchesCentimetersStraight hairWavy hairCurly hair
1230ShouldersChin lengthBelow the ear
1435Upper backShouldersChin length
1640Bra strapUpper backShoulders
1845Shoulder bladesBra strapUpper back
2050Mid backShoulder bladesBra strap
2255Mid backMid backShoulder blades
2460Lower backMid backMid back
2665Lower backLower backMid back
2870WaistLower backLower back
3075HipsWaistLower back
hair extension length chart

As you can see in the picture above, extensions range in length from 10 inches to 30 inches.

Please note that curly hair is usually shorter than straight hair when it is not straightened.

There are no 8-inch hair extensions there. But you can imagine that 8-inch hair extensions should be a little shorter than 10-inch ones.

These tips will make it easy for you to choose extensions. Usually, when you consider hair length, you usually consider where you expect your hair to fall. Some people will say they want their hair to be as long as their bra line or waist.

The chart above provides you with an estimate of the length of your hair extensions.

Watch the video below for more information.

To make it clear, here is the image shows you what you will look like with the hair extension (16, 18, 20 inch) before and after.

Nevertheless, find out more important tips when looking at hair length


Please note that although it may seem inconsequential, the length of your hair plays an important role in hair extension selection. It’s something most people don’t take into account, even though it’s important.

Take a simple example of a girl who is 4˝ foot 6 ˝ and a girl who is 5˝ foot 6 ˝ and have them each wear 16˝ hair extensions. The 4˝ foot 6 ˝ girl appears to have long hair because of where the hair is on her back.

This means that if the girl’s natural hair is shorter, the girl may not look as natural.


It’s a question of how you set your hair after you put it on. Some people will choose to trim a little bit of hair from underneath to give it the perfect finish.

However, if the style you choose requires you to trim more hair, or if you want a layered look or a tapered look, then the longer the hair, the better.

For example, if you want to wear a long weave but with a little more style, then maybe buying 20 inches might leave you ending up with 16 inches, and that’s okay.

What of the cost?

The length of extensions usually affects the cost. Sometimes you may want to purchase extensions, but realize you are confused about whether to purchase 16-inch or 14-inch extensions.

Understand that a 16-inch may cost $31, while a 14-inch costs $27. That’s a difference of only $4. If you have the money, it’s best to buy the 16-inch because it gives you room to make mistakes.

Check out the complete guide to hair extensions cost.

For example, if you wear it and realize it’s longer than you want, you can easily trim it to the length you want. Instead of buying a short one when you want a long one and have to spend another $31 on an extension.

This is best because it protects you when you are not sure how you want to look.

Curly wavy

It is always known that curly and wavy hair is measured when it is straight. This means that as the curls develop, the hair will shrink a little. So for example, if you like 18 inches of hair, instead of buying 18 inches of curly or wavy hair, buy 20 inches of hair.

Sometimes if the curls are very small, then maybe you should buy curls that are 4 inches longer than the length you want.

Trimming and styling

Have you considered that future styling will reduce the length completely like a trim? In this case, choose those longer hair extensions. This is because the more you cut, the shorter the length will be.

Also, please understand that the longer the extensions are, the more styling opportunities there will be.

Now you know what you need to consider before buying fabric. So, unless you are sure of the planned length, avoid disappointment and always choose longer hair.

Human Hair Extensions for Minimum Length

Do you want to know how long short hair extensions are? We recommend that your curls be at least 6-7 inches (15-18 cm) in length – this is the minimum hair length for hair extensions. In anything shorter than this, hair extensions may not look natural because short strands do not allow you to properly hide attachment points.

If your natural hair is thin and short, and you don’t want to expose it to unnecessary risks, then you should have shoulder-length extensions.

  • In this case, the optimal length for hair extensions should be 1.5 inches (4 cm) longer than your natural hair. This way, they will not exert too much influence on your original look.
  • Use fusion hair extensions with microkeratin bonds. These types of extensions look natural and blend perfectly with your own hair. The microkeratin bonds are almost invisible and are perfect for women with short hair.
  • If your own hair is thin, you should choose Slavic hair for hair extensions – it is a high-quality material. Soft and thin-textured Slavic hair is completely safe for your natural hair, as it is light in weight and does not strain the roots.

If you want medium length extensions, then your optimal length is between 18 and 20 inches (45-50 cm).

What is The Most Popular Hair Extension Length

What is the optimal length of hair extensions? Based on our long experience as a major supplier of hair extensions, we can say that it must be 18-20-22 inches (45-50-55 cm).

Let’s see why these are the best lengths for hair extensions.

  • No matter how tall you are, this length is ideal because the hair extends from your shoulders to your waist.
  • It looks natural: not too short and not too long, so no one can tell you’re wearing hair extensions.
  • When used in combination with natural hair, you can also use hair extensions to achieve greater density and thickness. The standard bundle weight is 100 grams. If your goal is to extend 18 inches (45 cm), then this weight will not only increase the length of the hair, but also the density of the hair. If you choose a 26-28 inch (65-70 cm) extension, then all of these weights take only the length into account. In other words, your strands will be long, but not as thick.
  • Ideal for re-bonding with fusion hair extensions. Since you will naturally lose a few centimeters during each rebonding process, this length allows you to keep the same look during multiple reapplications without worrying about the hair getting too short.
  • In the case of hand-wefting, you don’t lose any length: the strands are loosened and rewoven back into your own hair!

Combined with the quality products and proper care you can get in our online store, you can use up to a year’s worth of hair extensions!

Guide for Choosing a Synthetic Clip-In Extension Length

It’s easy to blend at least four inches of natural hair together. Naturally, you can’t style synthetic hair. However, if you want to maintain a natural blend, you should order two packs of 100-120 grams of hair.

16 inches: If your natural hair reaches shoulder length, you can use extensions that reach shoulder length and when you use extensions, it will reach the collarbone.

20 inches: If you have hair that is long enough to reach your collarbone, it can turn into the middle of your back.

Guide for The Right Lengths of a Thin Clip In Extension

If you have thinning hair, it is recommended that you use an additional 2 inch long extension. In this case, the extension pack contains only 25 grams of hair. This hair is designed to increase the length of your hair, not necessarily the length.

If you want 8 inches of chin length hair, it will be fluffy and your 12 inches of shoulder length hair will be fluffy as well.

Guide for the Right Human Hair Clip in Extension Length

For human hair, you should keep it within 4 inches. This allows you to trim it as much as you want and even set it into curls while still maintaining the length you want. The pack comes in 100 grams and if you want it to last longer you should buy 2 packs.

The 18 inches clip will reach our mid-back most of the time, especially if it is straight hair extensions.

The 22 inches on your hand will go over your middle back.

The Three Common Questions Asked

Yes, you can wear short hair extensions. Keep in mind that it does not usually say that you should not or cannot wear short hair extensions. It’s just that if you want a natural blend, you should be aware of the length.

For your short hair though you can wear extensions that are 3-4 inches long. This will blend in naturally. Now understand that not all hair extensions are suitable for short hair, so your choice of hair extensions is important.

Therefore, do not use clips in microbead extensions. Extension tapes are perfect for short hair. They are usually thin and invisible, which makes them ideal.

According to many, this is not a major factor, but when you are aiming to make hair extensions look real, yes, you need to determine the length to use. If the length is right, it will last for more than 6 months.

Other factors to consider when choosing hair length

Of course, you need to follow various rules, but you can also try different lengths to see which one suits you best.

Knowing which texture your hair has can make it easy to know the ideal style and therefore whether you can create layers to add length. Your hair can be fine, straight, coarse, wavy and curly.

For example, layering gives your long, fine hair more volume, but it also adds slightly more length.

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