40 Inch Bundles are Hot Right Now!

Rapunzel, Rapunzel let your hair down…

This is what we should be telling female celebrities like Nicki Minaj or Cardi B. nowadays. Both rappers are known for their bold hair styles. They are often seen playing with color. They now have hair that is 40 inches long and longer.

We can thank these two women for making 40-inch hair a fad. Many are now following the very long hair trend.

18 inch hair was long in the days when I can remember. I remember wearing an 18-inch sew in, with an invisible part, for prom. It was Rapunzel-esque, but it doesn’t work anymore.

Virgin hair was first discovered, and I began hearing about lengths up to 20 inches. Then, 30 inches were available, which was a shocker for me. It was something I had never imagined people would ask for anything beyond that. The more expensive the hair is, the longer it will be. These lengths can extend past your waist, depending on your height.

Customers are now requesting bundles up to 40 inches in length, sometimes even longer, to get the look their favorite celebrities have.

Celebrity Hair

These long hairstyles evoke Cher’s 70s long black hair. But, they are taken to new heights. Many people have opted for long, dark hairstyles with a middle section. Kim Kardashian and Naomi Campbell often rock this look, but artists like Nicki or Cardi take it to new levels. Rihanna can be seen sporting long hair with amazing fashion looks.

Nicki Minaj & Cardi B.

We know that Nicki Minaj loves long hair and is the original ringleader of it. At Paris Fashion Week, we first saw her sporting a stunning 60-inch hairstyle. All week, fashion week was dominated by discussions about her daring hairstyles and unique outfit combinations.

She took the long hair trend a step further in the new music video “Motorsport”. She rocked long pink braids showing that the long hair trend is not limited to weaves and ponytails.

Cardi B., Nicki Minaj are the trendsetters they are and others are following their lead. They are influential in hair and music. Their hairstyles change frequently and they are noticed by their fans.

Cardi B. uploaded many videos to her Instagram showing off her long hair. The hypnotizing movement of her long hair was a result of the rocking motion of her long locks.

Nicki Minaj uploaded a video on social networking rocking very long tresses and telling us how bad girls go Prague… “you cannot even spell Prague.” It went viral, with fans reposting it.

The video gained even greater popularity when it was remade by people all over the globe with their catch. Some fans even recreated her long hair.

Influencers Wearing Long Hair

The trend was quickly spread by millions of people following them on social media.

Many influencers began to rock the long hair trend and showed their followers how. The long hair trend has been promoted and spread. You can hashtag #longhairdontcare.

Where to Find 40″ Hair Extensions

The style is still somewhat popular, so it can be difficult to find new long bundles, particularly quality bundles.

iLovely Hair Extensions offers quality bundles in extremely long lengths.

Our Brazilian Straight Hair Extensions come in many lengths, up to 40 inches.

Vietnamese hair is thick so it doesn’t look dull or thin. You can color the hair, so you can add some color to your look like Nicki Minaj or Cardi B. You can dye your hair in any color you like, from a natural 1B to a #613 blonde.

Get The Look

You can now incorporate long hair into ponytails, sew ins and wigs. This look can be recreated by making a wig, or sewing in a sewn.

This look can be achieved with 4-5 bundles our 40-inch Vietnamese straight hair. To achieve a full look, you will need more hair. If you desire a full look, we recommend that you use 4-5 hair bundles.

You may be able stagger your lengths depending on how you want your hair to look. Bundles ranging from 32 inch up to 40 inch are the best option.

Our Brazilian silky-straight is the longest straight textured closure, measuring 18 inches. Our closure gives you a secure part and is known for being long-lasting.

One of our frontals is a great option if you need a flexible part. You can switch between the middle and side of your part with a frontal.

Our 360 frontal is the best option if you want to style your hair in a ponytail. You can also wear your hair up in a ponytail. You can also make a ponytail by bunning your hair and attaching long extensions to it. Cardi B. wore a long ponytail here.


It can be difficult to manage and maintain long hair. A wig is a great option if you are looking for a way to make hair maintenance more manageable. A wig allows you to remove your hair before you go to sleep, so you don’t have to worry about wrapping your extensions every night.

This will allow you to easily brush your hair without tripping over it. Because the hair is long, this will make it easier to get your hair down.

A quality hairbrush is essential for proper brushing. A hair extension brush is the best choice. This will keep your hair straight and silky smooth.

Because your hair is so long, you need to take the time to brush it.

Are 60 Inch Hair Extensions Next?

The demand for 60″ weave is increasing.

This is not an easy task. iLovely Hair Extensions can help you source these lengths. You have the best chance of finding this hair length from temples of India.

Are 60 inch hair extensions even worth it?

This length of hair would certainly be a challenge.

60″, = 5 Feet

This would be twice as tall than some of our clients. It is not recommended for use as a sew-in. You can just throw it on for a night out or as a wig you can wear all day. Maybe!

Ready for 40″ Bundles?

Do you feel brave enough to rock the long hair style?

How long can you keep it that way? This is the winter I’m sure I will rock this hair again. What about you?

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