Wholesale Hair Vendors : What You Should Learn!

Everyone is looking for the best wholesale hair vendors in China, India, Atlanta, and around the world.

What about you? Do you know how to find a wholesale vendor?

Your hair business will be successful if you have a steady supply of human extensions. This article will discuss what people are currently searching for, what you should look for, and how ilovely Hair Wholesale could help.

ilovely Hair Wholesale aimed to combine the advantages of working with an international vendor with a USA-based one to create a winning solution for hair supply.

What Are People Looking For in a Wholesale Hair Vendor?

Every day people are on the hunt for two types of hair vendors.

These are the top 3 most popular types of hair people are looking for:

  • Wholesale Vendors for Virgin Hair
  • Wholesale Vendors for Brazilian Hair
  • Wholesale Human Hair Vendors

You should look for “human hair,” ‘virgin hair,” or “raw hair,” as these are what you should be looking to sell.

Others are seeking wholesalers in particular areas.

These are the top 4 categories hair entrepreneurs are looking for:

  • India’s Wholesale Hair Vendors
  • Wholesale Virgin Hair Vendors from China
  • Wholesale hair vendors near me
  • Wholesale hair vendors in the USA

Many people search for international hair vendors. But Atlanta is the epicenter of hair weave so it’s definitely on the top of the list.

(This is a photo I took while visiting the hair vendors in Qingdao, China)

What Types of Human Hair Are Sold By Hair Vendors?

Let’s start with the first category. It describes the types and styles of wholesale hair that people are looking for.

You will find two types human hair on the wholesale market. These two types of hair will be further separated based upon their quality and cost.

Let’s examine the pros and cons of each type of hair, as well as some of their costs.

Wholesale Raw Hair

  • Origin of the hair
  • The ratio of short strands in the raw hair bundles/closures/frontals
  • Types of weft construction

Wholesale Human Hair

  • Origin of human hair
  • Machine Remy and other types of processing
  • Dyed hair
  • The ratio of short hairs (single drawn/double-drawn)

These are only a few of the basic information you should ask a manufacturer regarding hair quality.

These terms will help you to better understand your clients and provide you with the support you need. Raw hair is what everyone wants, but not until they can afford it. It’s not always the best quality.

The top countries raw hair sold in the market is sourced from:

  1. India (probably 65%)
  2. China
  3. Vietnam
  4. Burma/Myanmar
  5. Mongolia
  6. Philipines

I have listed the sources of raw hair above, from the largest to the smallest volume according to my estimations.

Depending on the country, the hair will be a little different.

Is Raw Hair Worth The Cost?

Raw hair extensions, wigs closures, frontals, and wigs are the best products available. Unprocessed hair is more expensive than normal bundles that most people buy.

Ilovely hair wholesale, inch hair extensions account for only 2% of all hair sales. They supply over 5,000 hairstylists as well as hair entrepreneurs and business owners.

You shouldn’t sell raw hair. But I do understand that it’s a niche market.

Is the price of raw hair worth it?

It all depends on what your hair goals are.

It is highly recommended to have your raw hair if you plan to color raw 1b hair bundles into a 613 blonde, or 60 platinum shade.

Do you want to re-install bundles once or twice a year?

Raw hair is your option.

Want to do a quick weave? You don’t have to worry about your hair and want to change your sewing every month.

Use normal human hair. This is what MOST people do. But not all.

What are some raw hair tips for my hair business?

Let me quickly share some raw hair tips with you so you are more familiar with these products and know what to look out for.

Raw curly and wavy hairs from India, for example, are the most popular on the market. This is because they’re the natural state of hair.

You will need to steam curl raw hair from China. This is not a problem, but it’s not as good as real hair.

*Warning: It has become more difficult to find curly and wavy hair from India. Many Indian hair sellers are now steaming hair to create curly and wavy patterns, and selling it unprocessed.

Although soft, silky hair is the current trend, it’s up to you to decide how closely your extensions will match your natural hair.

Should my hair business sell raw hair? 

It is always a good idea to have raw hair as an option for your hair company. Dropshipping raw Hair is an excellent option, since the cost of inventory holding can be prohibitive for a single business unless it has a large volume of sales.

Why is Wholesale Human Hair, Virgin Hair, and Remy Hair So Popular?

You can see that I used many terms in the above question. These terms are used most of the time to describe the same thing, or a variation of the same hair product.

The manufacturing and production methods for human hair weaves and wigs have changed a lot over the years.

Remember when processed hair smelled a lot like corn chips?

Pre-2015 was the most affected time, when hair smelled a lot.

The way hair is now processed is quite different. Machine-Remy, which is a method used to align the cuticles of hair, is being used today.

In the past, hair was treated with an acid bath to remove their cuticles. The acid bath would reduce the chance of hair tangling after the weave or wig was installed, but also destroy the hair’s integrity and make it smell bad.

To soften hair, a conditioner is applied to it. Then, a machine is used for re-aligning the cuticle so that all hairs are running in the same direction.

This has made it possible for hair sellers to offer quality products at a very affordable price. The cost of a high-quality bundle or human hair wig is now very affordable.

Women can change their hair every other week and not have to spend a lot of money. It is becoming a common practice to have a variety of human hair wigs. In the 2000s and 2010s, women spent $100-200 bundles on wigs and $2500 on wigs. This is now a rare event.

How has the hair industry changed over time?

You can now get beautiful bob hair wigs with human hair as a wholesale customer for less than $60! These wigs are being sold by most of our clients for between $125 and $250. This is a lot cheaper than the selling prices of wigs ten years ago.

We have covered the basic aspects of hair extensions and wigs, now let’s talk about the vendors.

How Do I Find A Wholesale Hair Vendor?

There are thousands upon thousands of wholesale suppliers all over the globe.

The Top-5 Ways to Find a Wholesale Hair Vendor:

  1. Google – Just search and go.
  2. Alibaba – Keep your fingers crossed.
  3. Hair Vendor Lists – A compilation of Google searches and Alibaba.
  4. Referrals – Although many hair business owners don’t like to share their vendor info.
  5. Social Media – Once you are in the industry, you will be bombarded by sales associates on Instagram, Facebook, and WhatsApp.

It is up to you to determine what works for you when it comes to finding the right hair vendor.

Since 2014, we have helped clients to start and supply their hair business. We also often appear in Google when someone searches for a hair company.

Do your research to ensure you work with a reputable company and sales representative.

Should I Order Hair Samples?

It’s always a smart idea to get samples before you make a major purchase.

This will help you decide if the style and quality you want is right for you. It’s always at the same price.

There are many factors that influence the price and quality of hair. You wouldn’t know if you weren’t an expert.

Hair opinions will always be different. alibaba clients have told us many times that they purchased hair from ilovely hair . It was not what I liked. I ordered it from alibaba and absolutely loved the hair.

It’s 100% the exact same hair! It’s the same hair every time. Different people may have different feelings and emotions about a product.

How Do I Send Payments to Purchase Wholesale Hair?

Different vendors accept different types of payment. It is important to keep your money safe as it can be easy for an overseas company to scam you.

They know that you won’t be flying to China to meet them. And even if you were, your chances of finding them would be slim.

The top 5 most common payment methods wholesale vendors accept:

  1. Bank Wire Transfer
  2. Western Union
  3. PayPal
  4. AliPay
  5. Credit Card

When you send money via Bank Wire Transfer or Western Union, there is no protection. You are out of luck if you send the money and they don’t send your hair.

Although it is safe to pay securely via PayPal, AliPay or Credit Card, some vendors may charge an additional fee of 3% – 5%.

You would need to pay a 5% commission if you buy $2,000 worth wholesale hair. This fee would be $100, and it can quickly add up. The shipping cost is also included in this fee.

While sending payments using safer methods is great, you also have to pay for their safety.

Why Should I Consider ILOVELY HAIR Wholesale As My Hair Vendor?

ILOVELY HAIR Wholesale is an exclusive hair vendor that leverages manufacturer relationships in China and combines them with technology and service in America.

The following are some of the key benefits that Wholesale offers:

  • Easily place wholesale orders safely.
  • Use a recognized payment system like PayPal or Credit Card.
  • 100% proven products and trusted team.
  • Easy returns & exchanges sent to China
  • A growing variety of products and services.

To improve our system, our team uses the feedback we receive from thousands of customers. Every 1% of improvement is valuable to us.

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