Vixen Sew-In: Best Hair Weave Techniques

Can I do your Vexin Sewin? The Right Way?

OMG! Are you remembering when the vixen sewing-in was popularized?

My best friend sent me a Facebook clip showing me exactly how to make the vixen-sew-in. I was so fascinated by this hairstyle, I had to learn how to make it.

I tried many times on my mannequin as well as my best friend. But, I was unhappy with the result. I was having trouble with the leaveout, so I turned to YouTube. Every stylist I spoke to said “When it comes down to the leave-out, you have to have your eye.”

Really? It bugged me that I couldn’t figure this out. So I practiced until finally I understood.

This is your lucky day!

I’m the YouTuber for the Vixen. I consider it a luxury hairstyle.

Why? Because it is a very unique style that not everyone can master. (Hence the title).

This allows you to have the flexibility that every woman desires in a sewin. There are many options. You can wear your hair up in a messy bun or leave it down.

Now, get the kids and hubby to sleep, grab a snack and a pen, because I’m about you to share facts!

What is a Vixen Sew-in?

Vixen sewin, a BOMB four-part method that was popularized many years ago, is also known as a vixen.

The diagram is available. The diagram shows that the gray area is the hair that is left out and the darker area the braids that have been braided in a circular motion (a beehive). Because the hair must cover the sewn-in extensions, the hair that is left out should be just as important as the hair that is braided. The braids should be as small as possible.

This allows you to change your hairstyle without worrying about the weft showing.

For the vixen to look natural, it is essential that everything is in order. Here are the necessary supplies.

Vixen Sew-in Supplies

  1. For parting hair, use a rattail comb.
  2. A straight or curved needle and thread.
  3. If the client desires one, he/she can get a hairnet.
  4. The Best Hair Extensions For Your Budget
  5. Edge control for taming the edges

The hair must be clean before I begin any client. I will also trim their ends free of charge if necessary. It’s true, it does make a difference.

Then, I apply stimulating hair oil to my scalp. This oil encourages hair growth.

Let’s get started now that we have all the necessary items!

How To Do a Vixen Sewin Step-By-Step

Before we begin, I need to say this: Be patient.

It is possible that you won’t get it right away, or that you don’t understand what I am saying. If this is the case, please leave a comment and I will answer any questions. YouTube can be used as a reference.

Are you ready? Let’s go!

  1. Part the hair into four sections
  2. Leave out enough hair around the perimeter of the head I would say about 1 inch also leave out the middle and vertical cross sections of the hair.
  3. Braid or twist all the leave out to keep it away from each section.
  4. Start to braid down each section. Make sure the braids are small and neat.
  5. Suggest a hairnet to the client. Some clients don’t use a hairnet because they aren’t sure why it’s a needed. Explain to them that the hairnet keeps the braids from unraveling when the hair gets washed.

Hair Preparation

All your straight and curved needles are needed.

To keep things moving, I recommend that you prepare ten needles of thread. Preparing my needles, I try to make them as long and as long as I can. If you make them too short, you’ll end up making more needles which will make the whole process take longer.

A few reminders: Make sure your scalp is oily and that all hair is properly twisted or braided before you start the sew-in.

Sewing it Down

Start sewing hair extensions from the right-most section.

When you reach the left side for the fold-over, make sure your sewing is UNDER the braid. The fold-over is a crucial part of the sew in. You won’t be able to achieve the smooth ponytail you love if it isn’t done correctly.

Once you are done with the left side, continue going up and folding over the weft. To ensure that the process is perfect and flat, sew underneath and on top of it once folded.

Tip: It’s fine to separate the weft if it is too thick. This will make it much easier to sew it. I’m sure you will be grateful later.

Let’s go back a moment.

When I was learning how to sew the vixen, I can recall watching so many different stylists do each section. I wondered if there was a simpler way.

Here’s another tip: Instead of doing every section, you can sew the hair down as if it were a traditional sew in. (See this article: How many bundles are needed to sew-in).

Just remember to make sure you do a knot at the end of each section.

You will be crying real tears if you don’t tie a knot. Start your sew-in from the right-hand side. Once you reach the end of the first section, tie a knot.

Blending the Hair

It’s the moment of truth

Braid all of the leaves around the head and cross-sections. I checked each section before styling to ensure that I had enough fabric to cover it.

I recommend telling your client if you notice that you haven’t left enough hair. This will help her style her hair and make you more respectable. After you have made sure that everything is in order, you can start to talk about styling with your client. Styling is my favorite part of the entire process.

The vixen sewin is versatile. You can wear it in any length, texture, or color.

Vixen Sew-in Styles

The best part about styling is when you can use the vixen sewin to make it look great. You can style these styles.

  • Two cornrows going back
  • Parts of the left or right side
  • A ponytail going back
  • Part left or right
  • A messy bun
  • Half ponytail, some hanging time in the back

The possibilities for this sew-in are endless, so if you love to change your hairstyle daily then this is the right choice!

Best Vixen Sew-in Braiding Patterns

Did you know that there are other braiding patterns similar to the vixen sewin?

We discussed the four-part sew-in now let’s talk about the two and three-part sew-in. The two and the three-part sew-in you have minimum options, but depending on your style of choice you can rock it any way you choose to.

Two Section Braids

Refer to the attached diagram.

A client may ask for the two-part vixen if she comes to me. You can choose from two styles with this sew-in. They are two cornrows and one bun. This braiding pattern should not be ignored.


  1. Rack-tear comb to part the hair.
  2. A straight or curve needle and thread.
  3. If the client desires one, he/she can get a hairnet.
  4. iLovely Hair extensions available in all lengths and textures.
  5. iLovely Edge Control to Tame the Edges

Step by Step Two Section

  • Then, part your hair in the middle.
  • You should leave enough hair at the top of your head. You should only be removing hair from the middle section.
  • All the leaves should be braided or twisted.
  • Each section should be braided. You want the braids to be neat and small.
  • Offer a hairnet to your client.
  • To make the process go faster, prepare all your thread and needles.
  • You will sew in the hair the same way as if it were a four-part vixen.
  • Begin from the right, and ensure that you finish the section by knotting the thread.
  • When you reach the left side for the fold over, make sure to go up a bit. Fold over, sew under, and then over the weft.
  • Be careful not to trim your knot when you are removing the thread. This was something I have done several times and it took me twice as much effort.

Three Section Vixen Sew-in

Refer to the provided diagram. The three vixen sewin are also simple, but you can do more than the two-section vixen.
If a client is interested in this particular pattern, she would have her hair parted in the middle and the rest of the hair down. She can do the middle, two cornrows and a left or right part.

Three section vixen sew-in tools

  • For parting hair, use a rattail comb.
  • A straight or curve needle and thread.
  • If the client desires one, he/she can get a hairnet.
  • Hair extensions: Choose your style and length
  • Edge control to manage the edges

Step-by-Step 3 Section Vixen Sew In

  • The middle part of the hair should be parted
  • You should leave enough hair for the perimeter of your head. Leave enough hair around the perimeter of the head.
  • All the leaves should be braided or twisted.
  • Each section should be braided. You want the braids to be neat and small.

Vixen Sew-in With Short Hair

You wouldn’t be able to get a vixen with a short hair, did you?

You should not ever go back to a stylist and tell her that it is impossible. Hair extensions are a way to make your hair look great!

I have seen glue weavers use this method instead of sewing on the hair. You will need to leave a little more hair out for shorter hair. The stylist should focus more on the extensions that are going towards the face of the vixen in order to make her look more natural. The weft will be placed more towards the front of the braid than it is behind, once the stylist has started to sew the hair.

Do you find this to be logical?

This will make your hair appear longer. It’s possible to still style your hair as normal, but you should be careful not to slip LOL. You won’t be allowed to go out with your honey if you’re close friends. But if they don’t, it’s time to make new friends LOL.

Vixen Styles for Natural Hair

The vixen sew in is for everyone, it doesn’t matter whether you’re a natural or relaxed beauty.

You need to find the perfect texture for your hair when you are looking for a sewn-in weave.

One example is my natural beauty. The Vietnamese Hair Extensions was what I recommended to her. Vietnamese hair extensions are available in both straight and wavy styles.

The blend was perfect once the extensions were in place. It worked well with her hair texture, no matter how it was styled. Hair extensions are also available for natural beauty with a curlier curl or loose curl. If you don’t wish to heat your hair, they can help you.

Is a Vixen Sew-in Right for You?

Let’s take a look at the pros and cons of a Vixen sew-in.

CONS of a Vixen sew-in

If the braiding pattern is too small, if the fold over method isn’t flat, and if there isn’t enough to go around this can cause a ruined vixen sew in.

This is not something that will happen because you not only have social media but also this article to help you if you are stuck.

PROS of a Vixen Sew-in

OMG! This hairstyle has so many benefits!

As I mentioned before, this sew-in can be used by women who are looking for OPTIONS. We all have them.

People will be interested in your hairstyles.

Before I leave, I want to remind you of some things. Make sure your hair is clean and that the edges are controlled with Private Label’s Edge Control. Make sure you have your hair oiled, checked the leave-out, and made sure that the hair extensions were properly sewn.

My queens, I wish you a wonderful day!

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