How to do Edges and Style Them

Edges Are An Art

You’ve probably heard the phrases “Keep your edges laying” and “Show off those baby hairs” before. These phrases refer to styling your baby hairs, or as most people know it, your edges. Even though it’s just hair, creating art using your edges is a favorite part about hairstyling.

A hairstyle’s look can be dominated by the design and pattern of an individual’s edges.

Your baby hair’s appearance is important, especially in the hair universe. It’s all about the aesthetics. Badly styled baby hairs can ruin the look of your hairstyle. Here’s a complete guide to how to style edges.

What Are Edges?

The hair around the hairline, including baby hairs, is called an edge. Baby hairs can be styled in any way you like, including the primary.

These tiny hairs can be brushed easily, gelled down, rearranged or flung away.

Let’s go back in the past.

In the 70s and 80s, styling your edges was a popular trend. People started showing off the shorter hairs around the edges of their heads instead of hiding them.

TLC’s poster images show Chilli styling her hair. She keeps her baby hairs in place as an important feature of her hairstyles. Chilli was probably the first celebrity to style her edges in a trendy and cute way.

Chilli wears a messy ponytail in 1999 MTV Video Music Awards. Her edges are designed to match the style.

Chilli wore her baby hairs in a waterfall style at the Mercedez Benz Fashion Week 2004. Chilli’s edges were softened at the 4th Annual GP Foundation in 2005.

Chilli displays her curves at the Jeffrey Fashion Cares Atlanta 2014 event while wearing her hair up in a ponytail. The same goes for her appearance in 2017 at Sirius XM, where she displays a bit of baby hair action by sporting her wet water waves look.

Chilli continues to do a wonderful job of styling her hair and graces us with her edges, even today.

Why Edges are Important

Take care of your edges in the same way as you take care of your hair. Your edges should last a lifetime. You want to look good with every hairstyle. Keep your edges strong and healthy.

Every edge is different.

There are many hair types and your edges may reflect this. Your edges may be thinner or softer than your main hair texture.

Hair Types

Hair textures and patterns of type 1 hair and 4c hair are different. These hair types also have different edges. You can have a lot of hair that is type 3c, but still have baby hairs.

Some baby hairs are more delicate than others. This is where DNA and genetics come in to play.

Be mindful of your hair type and be careful when styling your edges.

Thin and thick

Recognize that not all edges need to be thick. You can have thick hair and have delicate baby hair. Some people may have thicker baby hairs. This should be taken into consideration when styling.

Some people might not be able pull back their baby hairs because they are too thin.


It is also important to consider the length. Some baby hairs have a very short height, while others have a longer length. People with shorter baby hair may need more edge control than those with longer hair.

It is important that you know that styling your edges depends on the type and height of your baby hairs.

Losing Your Edges

Certain hairstyles can lead to the edges breaking off. Some hairstyles can cause hairline receding. A person may experience severe and permanent hair loss. This is known as traction. Hair loss around the hairline could be due to hormonal or genetic causes.

What is Traction Alopecia

Traction Alopecia, also known as gradual hair loss or Alopecia, is caused by pulling force being applied to the hair. Braids or weaves can be great but you need to be cautious about how they are installed. Extreme pulling can lead to traction alopecia, which can result in baldness.

Weaving weaves around the edges is not recommended. It can lead to severe hair loss and make it difficult for people to grow their edges again.

Hairline damage can be caused by excessive brushing, tight styling, gels with alcohol, gels with alcohol, and wigs that are too short.

Allow your edges to breathe. You can try styles that don’t require pulling your hair. Some braiding styles can prevent your edges from flourishing. Do not be a victim.

Ways to Take Care of your Edges

Your edges are delicate so treat them with respect. They will love you back if you love them. You can take great care of your edges and prevent them from thinning.

  • Products for hair that stimulate and rejuvenate hair growth.
  • Allow your edges to breathe. You don’t have to style them every day.
  • A silk hair wrap will protect your hair from the elements at night. Silk hair covers protect your hair from friction and allow you to toss and turn at nights, allowing your hair to grow and thrive.
  • Moisturize your hairline. Oils can be used to stimulate your scalp.

You should never do these things to your edges

  • Cotton scarves are a good choice for nighttime sleep. Your baby hairs can easily break if they are caught in friction.
  • It is not recommended to use bobby pins, hair clips or hair clips to pull back baby hairs. Your edges can be damaged by wigs that have wig clips. If you do this often, you can get traction alopecia.
  • Don’t braid or cornrow your baby hairs. Hairstyles should not accentuate your hairline.
  • Drying gels: These gels are meant to dry quickly. Do not apply them to your edges. You will eventually see some baby hair fall if you remove the gel.
  • Avoid using heat (hot iron, flat iron, or hot comb) on your edges.

It can be very difficult to lose your edges. Keep them close.

There are many products that can slow down the rate at which your edges lose their shape.

Edge Control Being a “Thing”

Pro Style Gel was an edge control gel that was popular in the 2000s. This was a darker product which gave your hair a little bit of hold.

Products such as Let’s JAM became an example of an edge gel over time.

Many of these old-fashioned products are still in use today. The problem was that many people were afraid of flaking after applying edge control. Flaking after application of the edge control product was an issue.

Over time, edge control products have been created that are not only non-flaking but also friendly for hair. Companies and brands are very proud of the quality and results that their edge control products provide hair.

Edge controls are designed to hold hair in place and not allow it to fall out. They also moisturize the hair.

iLovely Hair Extensions’ Edge Control

Private Label Extensions’ Edge control is the best edge control. It leaves no white flakes and provides a great hold. This edge control not only holds well but also promotes moisture and growth for healthier hair.

Private Label Extensions provide small portions of their edge control in “samples” or their Black Edition Edge Control.

Styling your Edges

Many people use their fingers or a toothbrush to style their edges.

How to Apply:

Use your fingers to apply small amounts of the product to the desired hair section. To do the same, you can use a fine-toothed, smooth comb.

You can create intricate designs with specialized tools like an edge brush and the tail of a Rattail comb.

10 Inspirational Ways to Style Your Edges

You can create the hairstyle you want with a styled edge. Celebrities also style their edges.

1. FKA twigs

British musician, known for her intricate designs using her baby hairs. Amazing photographs of her taken in New York City in 2014 for Out Magazine are stunning. Her baby hair is a beautiful combination of slender, defined curls and graceful spirals. FKA twigs is the queen of styling baby hairs.

2. Rihanna

At the Christian Dior Cruise 2015 Show in Brooklyn, New York, she pulled off a messy ponytail and ruffled curls. The front portion of her baby hairs are styled with a slight swoop at both ends, giving it a casual style.

3. Zoe Kravitz

We see her styling gelled down wavy hair with a braided, updo haircut at Divergent Series: Allegiant’s world premiere red carpet at AMC Loews Lincoln Square, New York City. It is best not to pull or braid your edges when getting braids. Gelling your edges down is an option to give them a beautiful style. Zoe’s edges formed a wave-like pattern.

4. Zendaya, Actress

She wore her hair up in an unusual bun to the Michael Kors Access Smartwatch Launch Party at Michael Kors in 2016. Her hair is pulled into a bun and her edges are gently curved, adding to the unique flavor.

5. Actress, Skai Jackson

Nickelodeon’s 2018 Children’s Choice Awards will have her edges taken! She had her hair braided and had her edges shaped around her single braids.

6. Cardi B

She looked stunning at the 2017 BET Awards! The high ponytail haircut she wore was stunning. Her perfectly crafted edges made it even more special. The cherry on top was her elaborate semi-circular designs.

7. Beyonce

Queen Bey uploaded an Instagram photo showing a side view of her hair.

She styled a portion of her edges, but not her hairline close to her ears. This is a fun way to style your edges. You can have fun with edges.

A small section of baby hair can be placed by your ear. Style as you wish.

8. Amandla Stenberg

At the 2017 Women In Entertainment Breakfast, Hollywood Reporter, I stepped out. For a more refined look, this naturalist shaved her edges.

9. Ashanti, musician

L.A. Reid’s postGrammy Party in 2009, she rocked a braided hairstyle with a pulled-back braid. Her edges are perfectly slicked in a light, curved style.

10. Teyana Taylor

We were blessed with her long, jet black, tousled hairstyle at 2016 Soul Train Music Awards in Las Vegas. The front of her hair was slicked with unusual loops.

Tools for Slaying Your Edges

You should not only style your edges but also make sure to get any necessary tools.

  • A small, soft toothbrush (or edge brush). It is amazing what a toothbrush can do.
  • Mascara brush wand (or a sleeker edge). You can achieve a neater, defined look with your hair.
  • This is the tail end of a rattailcomb, which is used to create unique designs with baby hairs.

With your baby hair, show off your style

For almost any hairstyle that highlights your front, you can create elaborate designs for your edges. These styles are not only easy to style, but they also look great. It’s a great way to showcase your style and design your baby hairs.

What celebrity’s edges do you love the most? Which design would you choose?

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