Lace front wigs have been voted the best human hair wigs for black women. Most women consider human hair lace front wigs to be the perfect accessory, whether they are attending parties, on vacation, or at other formal or commemorative events.

Some people feel that it is too costly to buy human lace front wigs from a hair supplier. But, everybody wants cheap lace front wigs.

Yes, you will be able to make cheap human hair front wigs with the finest quality.

What Are Lace Front Wigs

Lace front wigs made with baby hair are wigs which have a tiny amount of lace on the front. The lace is located on the forehead of the hair and can create beautiful hairlines. The best-selling wigs for people with low hairlines are human hair lacefront wigs with natural baby hair.

Choose Your Favorable Texture Of Lace Front Wigs

We need to know the differences between human hair lace front wigs and human hair bob wigs. Next, we must decide which hair texture we prefer. There are many hairstyles for lacefront wigs. These include curly lacefront wigs (blended), curly lacefront wigs (bob wigs), straight lacefront wigs (with bangs), red lacefront wigs (with red eyes), etc. You only need to choose the right texture for your face. This will make lace front wigs for women of color look natural and more beautiful.

Choose Suitable Lace Front Wigs Cap

To make the best lace front hair wigs, the wig cap can be an essential accessory. When choosing a cap for a wig, there are two things you should consider.

  1. Measuring your head size, choosing the suitable cap size according to your head. Wig cap too tight will give your own hair and scalp stress, this does harm to your own hair. Wig cap too large will make people uncomfortable. So the suitable size is very important.
  2. Choosing a wig cap made of silk material, the cotton material wig cap is not recommended, cotton material is not good to your own hair

Choose The Right Lace According To Your Head And Scalp Skin Color

Because different people have different needs regarding lace, there are both medium brown and transparent lace closings. Brown lace front Wigs are lace front Wigs for Black Women, while transparent clear Wigs are Human Hair Wigs for White Women. These wigs have different appearance effects.

You also have the option of lace frontal closure or lace closure. They are different in their lace sizes. The lace frontal, which is lace frontal closure from ear to ear is 13×4 or13x6. The lace closure size is either 5×5 lace closing or 4×4 and 6×6 respectively. Below are the differences.

Purchase High Quality Human Hair Bundles With Closure To Make Lace Front Wigs

The main accessory for making 100 human hair front wigs is hair bundles with a closure. You can purchase pre-matched bundles from the supplier or you can buy human Hair Bundles and lacefrontal closure separately.

Best human hair bundles with closure have such characteristics:

  1. 100% remy hair, virgin remy hair with natural cuticle, all the hair strands are facing the same direction to ensure human hair smoothly and avoid shedding and tangle.
  2. Double weft, exquisite workmanship.
  3. Shiny and natural, bouncy and comfortable.
  4. Durable hand-tied lace.

Step by Step Instructions for Making Lace Front Wigs

  1. Put the wig cap on your head, find the frontal closure position according to your head, mark the position.
  2. Put the wig cap on the model head, fix the frontal closure at the right place with hairpins or nails.
  3. Start sewing the closure to the wig cap from one side, make sure not sewing the hair into the stitch. Use appropriative needle and similar to your hair color thread. You can tie the hair up when you sewing the closure to ensure the hair will not sew into the stitch.
  4. Sewing the closure from one side to another side until the closure is sewed to the cap.
  5. Sew in bundles from the back of the head, make sure not cut the wefts during your sewing because this will cause shedding. Stretch the bundles and fix to the bottom circle of the back head, then sew in from one side to another side, ensure stitch tightly, until the bundles are doublication with one side of the closure, then fold over the bundles and continue your work layer by layer, until your wigs are full.
  6. Then cut off the redundant lace and cap area, make sure not cut off the hair.
  7. Style your lace front wigs.

Bleaching Knots

Plucking The Lace

Constructing Lace Frontal Wig

Creating Side Part

Creating Natural Edges

Video Of Making Lace Front Wigs

Lace front wigs require a lot of technology. If you’re not confident about your skills, you can ask your hairdresser for assistance.

Are you interested in learning more about making lace front wigs? We would love to share more tips and tricks with you.

How To Maintain A Lace Frontal Closure Wig? 

You must take care of your lace front closure once it has been made. It will eventually lose its natural appearance and its style.

Brush It Regularly

Using a comb, brush the lace frontal gently. Hold the root area and brush slowly, starting from the ends. Take extra care while brushing the roots.

Do Not Scratch

Be gentle with your lace frontal or closure. Never scratch with your fingernails, as it will ruin the soft net. Also, hairs will start falling off if you scratch or wash vigorously.

Do Not Use Excessive Heat

Styling your hair will need a blow dryer or a straightener. Make sure you do not overheat the hair as it will damage the hair and the stitches. 

Use Mild Products

To wash your lace front closure, it is important to use shampoos with less chemical and alcohol content. Any strong chemical you use on the lace frontal will surely destroy the hair and the lace. 

Wrap The Lace Frontal

If you have sewn or glued the lace frontal to your original hair, then wrap the area with a cloth before you sleep. 

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