Hair Extension Grades: 5A, 6A, 7A, 8A, 9A, 10A

What is the Difference Between 5A, 6A, 7A, 8A, 9A, 10A, and above?

Many potential clients often ask us “What grade is your hair?” “

Great question!

You want to make sure that you buy extensions from a trustworthy hair vendor.

Let’s first look at the origins of hair grading before we get into the details. It is important to understand the meaning behind hair grading names in order to choose the best hair extensions .

The Difference Between Hair Grades

Although the hair grade system may sound simple, there are many nuances! The grading system has evolved over time due to the changing market. A few years back, high-quality hair was considered 5A and 6A. Now it is medium-quality.

Many hair companies lie about the quality of their hair. You might be sold low-quality hair by companies that use high-quality hair grades.

The grading system is not controlled by anyone. It is possible to sell synthetic hair marked 10A. You should have a basic knowledge of the entire thing. To avoid confusion and to save money over the long-term.

You should also learn about different hair extensions. This will ensure that you know exactly what comes with your order.

These numbers are no longer relevant today, just like sheets made up of thousands of threads. Scientific studies have shown that anything above 250 is a marketing scam.

History of the Hair Grading System

Over the last decade, hair weaving has seen a dramatic shift.

There are many types of hair extensions available today.

Chinese traders and Chinese manufacturers created the (5A-6A-7A, 7A-8A, 9A-9A, 10A) grading system to show their clients how good their hair is.

But there’s a catch.

Do you recall five years ago, when “5A” hair was so incredible? This might have been around 2012-2013

But, wait! But wait! That was, of course, the best hair extension.

We were then introduced to 7A Brazilian hair weave in 2015.

In 2016, the “8A” virgin hair was very popular. Now, the “9A” hair weaving is the best.

Trading companies would be seen trying to claim that their “10A” hair was the best in 2018.

Remember “11A” hair weave in 2019, when it was the latest high-grade hair extension, and the talk of town?

We are seeing all kinds of numbers in 2021 and I don’t know if that will ever stop.

Do you want to predict what the “Top Quality of Hair” will look like in 2030? It’s likely 20A Grade Hair. It’s all fictional anyway!

Is this the new trend? To stay competitive, Chinese hair producers add another “A” every year. It is only hair extension marketing .

Hair Extension Types

Let’s quickly go over the most important hair extension types. There is 100% virgin hair, Remy hair, 100% human hair, and synthetic hair.

100% Virgin Hair

100% Virgin Hair

This hair is considered the most expensive and has the best quality. This is human hair that has all of the cuticles going in one direction. It has not been subject to any mechanical or chemical processing.

Remy Hair

Remy hair is 100% human hair. All the cuticles are in the same direction. However, it has been chemically and mechanically processed. This hair is high-quality and will last a lifetime.

100% Human Hair

100% Human Hair

The 100% human hair was not mixed with synthetic, but it was stripped of its natural cuticles and may be chemically treated. It will not last as much as Remi hair, 100% virgin, or Remi hair.

Synthetic Hair

Synthetic Hair

Synthetic hair does not have human hair. Because it is synthetic, it would be low-quality and won’t last very long.

Learn about the various hair types by learning what are 3A, 4A, 5A, 6A, 7A,8A,9A, and 10A human hair one by one.

3A Grade Hair

Low-quality hair, which was not well maintained by the donor, is extremely thin. Suppliers might sometimes add synthetic fibers and animal hair to the mix.

Grade 3A hair has been chemically processed and may have an unpleasant chemical odor. It also has thin tapered ends that are often cut. These hairs will shed, tangle and mat easily and won’t last more than a few washes. Even high-quality hair can smell funny right after being opened.

4A and 5A hair Grades

This hair grade is ideal for hairstylist schools. You can usually expect 100% human hair that’s not Remy. The cuticles may not move in the same direction or are removed.

What does grade 5a mean for hair? The hair of grades 4A and 5A is thin. If taken care of properly, hair can tangling and mattin. It can last for up to a month. It is not recommended to grow hair longer than 12 inches. Hair can feign with your hair and make it difficult to remove them. Grade 4A and grade 5A hair are very difficult to manage and require a variety of detangling techniques.

6A Grade Hair

This budget-friendly option is ideal for most women.

What is grade 6a hair and how does it differ from regular hair? Grade 6A hair refers to Remy hair. This means that all cuticles are in the same direction. These hair have medium thickness and can be dyed to medium blonde color. Professional hair color is recommended. Grade 6A hair extensions can be used on straight hair up 18 inches in length and last up to 8 month.

These extensions can be treated with the same care as high-quality budget hair. Higher-grade hair is required if you desire curly hair or hair longer than 18 inches.

7A Grade Hair

This is a great way to achieve the WOW factor without breaking the bank.

What is 7a-grade hair? Grade 7A Remy hair is high-quality and has no cuticles. It is often called “Double Drawn” or “Double Drawn”. These extensions are strong and thick, and can last up to 12 months. Grade 7a virgin hair sheds and tangles less than other types. It can also be dyed by yourself. It is recommended to use a detangling shampoo at least once per three months. It is possible to achieve a light platinum blonde color without much damage or dryness.

8A Grade Hair and 9A Grade Hair

What is 8a Grade Hair? Grade 8a virgin hair is 9A, which is 100% human hair from one donor. This hair has no signs of processing and all cuticles are intact. Extensions 8A and 9A are expensive with a life expectancy of 1.5 to 2 Years.

It is important to note that virgin hair will not be virgin if it is dyed or curled. Processing will reduce the life expectancy and is not recommended for women with black hair. You can dye hair of grade 8a and 9A to completely white. It is thicker than lower-grade hair, and contains fewer short hairs in the hair bundles. It is less likely to tangle and easier to maintain.

10A Grade Hair

Grade 10A hair is the best quality, but it also comes at a high price. This is 100% virgin hair that has been straightened from a donor. It has thick ends and a strong structure. It is possible to dye your hair white without causing any damage. Grade 10A hair is less tangled and matty than your hair, and doesn’t require any maintenance.

If you do not process Grade 10A extensions, they will last you a long time. Some companies may sell 8A hair 10A. What is the difference? Both may come from the same donor but one may have thinner or less healthy hair. These extensions can run into the thousands. Grade 10A virgin hair is the most durable and thickest available.

How to Grade Hair Extensions

There is currently no “Universal Standard” in human hair extension grading. There is no standard hair grade chart you can pull up that is consistent.

Technically, one could technically call their hair extensions 8A, even if they are smelly, messy, tangling and non-Remy.

These are the factors to consider when looking for virgin Hair Extensions.

  • Wefts:Single or double stitch? Double-stitch wefts will reduce shed.
  • Weight:The standard weight for sew-in hair bundles are 100g or about 3.5 oz. Do you think the bundle is cheaper simply because it weighs less
  • 100% Human hair: Private label only sells 100% human Hair. We think that most of our clients prefer this. A synthetic blend is a good choice if you want hair that lasts, colors well, and styles well.
  • Remy, Non-Remy: To reduce tangling, you want Remy hair where the cuticles face the same direction. Non-Remy hair can quickly tangle and cause problems.
  • Virgin Hair or Raw Hair: There are generally two types of hair available on the market. Raw Hair, which is the natural hair type, and Virgin Hair that has undergone some processing such as aligning the cuticles. Both are great options, depending on the hairstyle you choose.
  • One Donor or Multiple: Single donor hair is only relevant for certain types of hair, such as Indian Temple hair and unique gray hair. It is necessary? 99.9% of times, we’d say no. Although some companies claim that the hair bundle was from one donor, I wouldn’t pay more for it.
  • Single Drawn or Double Drawn: The majority of human hair sold in the USA is single-drawn. A double-drawn bundle costs more because of the cost of shackling the shorter hairs during manufacturing. A bundle of human hair with long hairs will cost you more.
  • Color: Are you able to color your hair? Virgin hair will typically lift to a #27 honey blonde, while raw hair can be dyed to a either a #613 Blonde (or #60 Platinum Blonde). You might look into purchasing a cheaper option if you don’t want to dye your hair.
  • Styling: Human hair extensions should be easy to style. Raw hair extensions will give you the best results.

What is the best grade of hair to buy?

Shop The Best Hair Extension Grades

Every day our phone rings! People often ask us what grade hair is sold under Private Label.

What would we consider hair 5A,6A,7A,7A,8A,9A,10A or other? How about Japanese denim! You can go on and on.

To be frank, all the numbers and names used to describe hair extensions are 100% marketing.

Let me quickly cover the Human Hair options at Private Label. You should consider the style you are going for.

I do not recommend Raw Hair for a quick weft.

Malaysian Hair Extensions

The Malaysian body wave and Malaysian straight weaves are great value for money.

The natural 1b color is easy to style and blends well with the rest of the fabric.

Here are some things you need to know

  • 100% human hair.
  • Double Stitch Wefts
  • Hair is called “Virgin Remy”, with the cuticles facing in the same direction.
  • Malaysian hair can be dyed up to #27 honey blonde
  • Single drawn, but not too thin at the tips
  • All bundles weigh 100g (standard).

The price of Malaysian Hair has been a big plus for our clients. Excellent construction of the frontals and matching closures.

Pro Tip: Companies that call their products “Malaysian”, or “Brazilian” are also marketing as the grading system. This is not real Brazilian hair. This is often used to identify a country. These terms can often be confusing for clients if they aren’t used.

This is the right option for you and your customers if they are looking for low-cost alternatives. You can offer an alternative to the most expensive hair for those who cannot afford it.

Brazilian Hair Extensions

Are you ready to go all out?

These bundles are the most popular at Ilovely Hair Wholesale, ILOVELY HAIR Wholesale (bundles can be referred as Premium).

Here are some things you need to know

  • The hair is 100% human hair
  • Double Stitch Wefts
  • Hair is called “Virgin Remy”, with the cuticles facing in the same direction.
  • Brazilian hair can be dyed up to #27 Honey Blonde
  • Single drawn, but not too thin at the tips
  • All bundles weigh 100g (standard).

The main difference between Malaysian and Brazilian hair is the length of the hair strands in the bundles. The Brazilian Hair is generally made from the best batches of hair when it is examined. Most people wouldn’t recognize this.

Brazilian Hair is the best choice if you want great quality extensions at a reasonable price.

Indian Hair Extensions

Some of the most desired hair textures in the industry are curly and wavy Indian hair.

These are beautiful, long-lasting hair extensions.

Here are some things you need to know

  • The hair is 100% human hair
  • Double Stitch Wefts
  • With cuticles facing in the same direction, hair is “Remy”,
  • Vietnamese hair can be dyed up to a #613 Russian brunette
  • Bundles that are very complete
  • All bundles weigh 100g (standard).

Over the last ten years, Indian hair has been popular. It is more rare to find authentic Indian hair donated at temples, so it will be more costly.

Private Label Indian hair is 100% natural with no processing. Although you may be able to find cheaper Indian hair, it will not compare with the quality of our bundles. Our goal is to provide the highest quality raw Indian hair from India.

Universal Hair Grading System

Is there a universal hair extension grading system? We doubt it.

When it comes to hair extensions marketing terms and methods of grading hair, the market is still a wild west.

The idea of having hair that was 5A or 6A quality was wonderful until the marketing idea of adding more A’s to the numbers in order to make them appear higher quality.

What Are the Best Hair Extensions?

Do 10A hair extension work better than 8A?

This is a difficult decision because technically you can call your hair any “grade” that you like.

Our staff agrees that the best hair extensions are those made from raw hair. Raw Vietnamese and Indian hair are a favorite of our clients. Raw Hair can be more difficult to manage because it behaves exactly like your hair.

Every person will have a different opinion about the hair extensions that they purchase. You may have a different opinion about what is the best weave than someone else. It is important to get great hair at a reasonable price. It doesn’t matter if it’s 7A, 8A or 9A.

Comparing 5A to 6A to 7A to 8A to 9A to 10A

Is that even possible?

Technically, no.

Selling virgin hair to your clients that meets their needs is essential. Understanding the characteristics of natural hair is crucial for your success. While we don’t believe there is anything wrong in referring to your hair as a particular grade, it is important that you have the right documentation.

You must focus on selling high-quality hair extensions at an affordable price to be competitive. It doesn’t matter if your hair is too expensive, as some might not consider it to be of high quality.

No one is selling “5A Hair” anymore. Everything is “6A” or higher. If you do your research, you’ll likely find 11A or 12A hair. Remember that the 8A hair today is not better than the 9A hair. In the past few years, there have been no significant advances in the manufacturing, shackling or wefting of human hair.

Drop a comment below if you have any questions regarding hair extensions grades or the numbers system!

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