Weaving weaves or hair extensions should give you a natural look. We don’t want our weaves to be obvious, so many hair extensions require that we leave hair in the front.

There are so many ways to make your extensions and weaves appear natural. Most of us know what closures are and what frontals do. What many people don’t realize is the difference in a human lace closure from a silk-based closure. That’s why I’m here! To pass on some knowledge.

Who Needs A Closure?

A closure is a great option if you don’t want to cut your hair when you get new extensions. Closures are great for those who have lost their hair due to medical conditions or hair damage. They can appear to be growing from your scalp, when applied correctly.

Closures are great for versatility. You can choose any piece that matches the style of your extensions, and they often have a lot of parting space.

What exactly is a closure?

closures for hair are simply hairpieces that are placed on the hair. They mimic the look of the scalp and give it a natural appearance.

This is great for protecting your hair from damage and allowing you to not remove any of your natural hair. There are many differences between Lace Closures and Silk Closures, and they go beyond appearances and materials.

What is lace closures?

Lace closings are made from a lace-like base with hair strands embedded in the tiny holes. A human hair closure, also known as a hairpiece, is a hairpiece that is used to cover the hair bundle. To complete your weave installation, they are secured in place with thread, clips or glue. You have many styling options, from simple to complex. Closures comes in different sizes. Closures come in different sizes  (2×4, 3×4 4×4, 5×5, 6×6…). Closures made of lace are more delicate, cheaper, and less expensive than silk. The installation of lace closures is quicker and easier. These closures are most popular and can be bleached to give it a natural look.

What is silk base closures?

A silk base closure is made from a silk base. It has a layer silk that the hair strands are embedded in and then a layer lace.

With silk closures, the knots will not be visible as they are embedded in the silk layer. As you can see, this gives the scalp a more natural appearance.

Difference between lace and silk closure

The main difference between a frontal and a closure  is how it is constructed, applied, and what materials are used. In general, a closure piece is usually used for sewing in installs/applications. The closure piece can be used to create a full-length weave that is completely covered by hair, if placed at the base of the hairline.

  • The Foundation: Most silk base closures do not require bleaching of the knots. The closure’s silk material is hidden behind the knots, so they mimic the hair without requiring any alterations.
  • The Color: You can choose from a variety of colors when purchasing lace of hair bundles with closure. This helps you to ensure that the right shade is chosen for your scalp. It is important to make your sew-in look natural. While lace closures may come in different colors and styles, they are transparent enough that you can see the material it covers.
  • The Construction:  The silk closures are more natural looking and feel more like your scalp. A closure can be used as the final piece to your hair. The downside is that this closure can be more difficult to install.

Lace Closure vs Silk Base Closure, How To Chose?

Closures are available in two bases: silk or lace. They can be sewn, taped, glued or taped. Both can be used to achieve the exact same end result and are applied the same, but they are very different. Which closure would be best for your situation? It’s up to you which closure is best for you.

 How To Choose?

What makes a person decide to choose one closure? The two main factors are Cost and longevity. 

  1. Part-lace closure may be cheaper, but you might have to work harder. It uses silk material, which makes it more expensive. Both types of hair closures are made from Virgin hair.
  2. Many women agree that silk closures last longer and have a longer life expectancy. While there are many differences between lace and silk base closures, one thing is constant: the overall purpose.

ILOVELY closures make hair look natural and protect hair from the cold. They can either be sewn, glued, or even glued.

Lace closures are a must-have if you want to be more creative with your hair. This allows you to experiment with your hair. You can choose the look, fashion and style you desire without compromise.

How To Take Care Of Hair Closure?

You can choose between a silk base or lace closure. However, silk base is more delicate than lace. You must take good care of them to ensure they last for longer.

These tips can be used to treat hair closure

  • Don’t detangle your hair by your rough hands as well as scratch with it.
  • Use a soft comb to brush your silk vs lace closures. Start brushing your hair from the ends, then move forwards to the roots. While detangling, hold the hair at the roots to – prevent tension.
  • Moisturizing hair with oils, gels or lotion is good but do not apply too much, ask your hairstylist before doing so.
  • Store your hair closure on the clean box when not using to keep it away from dust.
  • Wash your silk or lace closure twice a month.

We believe both lace and silk closures are equally good choices. They all give a natural look to the scalp and provide a comfortable feeling. After learning the differences between silk and lace closures, you’ll be able to choose the best one for you.

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