How To Customize & Wear a Lace Frontal

Lace Frontals Are The New Hair Phenomena!

Lace frontals are a hair trend that both hair stylists and beauty professionals love.

I am also a member of the lace frontal addiction club. I love to watch youtube videos and scroll through Instagram for pictures of lace frontals.

My fascination with lace is deep. I zoom into images to see how real it looks!

Lace frontals were something I avoided in the past because they looked too fake. They were wigs that had unrealistically harsh hairlines and made it difficult to maintain.

A few years later, my opinion is completely different. These are the best hair products for anyone who wants natural-looking hair.

A lace frontal can make you look like a Rapunzel if it is properly customized.

Choosing The Right Lace Frontal

Lace frontals are There are many options available, with each type having its own benefits, depending on hair style.

You need to be able to tell the difference so you can make the right choice for you.

Your standard lace frontal and 360 lace frontal are the most popular.

Standard lace frontal hair wigs look natural, while 360 lacefrontals give your hair a natural look around your head. This allows you to wear your hair up in a ponytail.

Although the majority of the steps for installing them are the same, we will notice some differences when we get to the step-by-step instructions for wearing a lacefrontal.

Other Lace Frontal Types

There are many types of lace. The most popular are French and Swiss.

Like choosing the frontal, the choice of lace is a matter for personal preference.

French lace is stronger and thicker than other types. Swiss lace is more delicate and less visible because it’s finer.

Lace frontals can be made with different colored caps.

It is important to choose a cap that matches the color of your hair. Because they have a major impact on how your lace frontal looks against your scalp, it is important to choose the right cap color and lace type.

Lace Frontal vs Closures

Many people also wonder about the differences between frontals and closings.

Closures are more restricted in where your hair can be parted. Frontals allow you to have more freedom with how it is arranged. Frontals give you natural-looking hair that is not exposed, making them an excellent choice for natural hairstyles or for protecting your hair from heat damage.

You can let your hair relax while still looking glamorous.

Customizing & Installing Your Frontal

Properly customizing and installing your hair is key to natural-looking lace frontals.

I still remember the day I got my first lace frontal hair wig from iLovely Hair Extensions by mail. I was overcome with joy and exhilaration when I received my first lace frontal wig from iLovely Hair Extensions in the mail.

The hair was 20 inches long and was Brazilian body wave. The hair was so beautiful that I wanted it to be perfect. However, I didn’t know anyone who could do it because I had just returned from New York Fashion Week.

After looking at a few Youtube videos, and talking to friends, I realized that wearing a lace-frontal was not as difficult as I thought. I also slayed the hair.

Your lace frontal is ready in just a few minutes.

STEP 1: Bleaching the Knots

It is essential to bleach the knots in order to make the lace on your frontal blend well with your scalp.

Although I initially thought that this was unnecessary, I realized immediately that my frontal lace looked even more like my hair.

If you don’t bleach the knots, they can appear as tiny dots on your scalp. Your frontal will be turned inside-out when bleaching knots.

For bleaching the knots, I recommend using a 30-50 volume develop. For faster results, rinse the bleach off thoroughly.

Be sure to bleach the hair and not the knots.

STEP 2: Pluck the Frontal

To create a natural-looking hairline, use tweezers after your hair has dried.

This step will allow you to achieve a more natural look.

To save time, some frontals come pre-plucked with the hairline.

STEP 3: Make baby hair

Lace frontals are my favorite thing about them. You can make baby hair.

My hair is a short, shaved bob. But, even before that, baby hairs were rare. You can create baby hairs by wearing a lace frontal, and baby hairs are in fashion!

This step involves separating a portion of your hair from the part you wish to use for baby hairs. You can use a razor to trim the hair until it reaches the desired length for baby hairs. You can decide how long you want them to grow. Some people even stop creating baby hairs altogether.

Use a wig head to lay the baby hairs just like you would mousse your head.

Notice the three steps involved in customizing? When it comes to the wearing of it, customization of your frontal is as important as its installation.

STEP 4 – Install the Frontal

It’s time to put the finishing touches on customization.

To protect your hair, you can either braid it or lay your hair flat. To wear underneath your lace frontal, choose a wig cap that is close to the color of your scalp.

A basic wig cap, that is not too transparent but still has color, would be my recommendation. This is applicable to both lace frontal weaves as well as wigs.

STEP 5 – Lay the frontal down

Now, it’s time to place the frontal. To give your frontal a more natural look, you can apply a light foundation to the lace portion of your frontal. This will add a touch of color to your skin.

To lay it down, use lace frontal glue. Got2B Glued I recommend this glue highly. To avoid glue from turning white and clogging my hairline, I used Got 2B Glued.

Place a small amount of glue on your hairline, or directly on it. Then place the frontal on top.

You have two options: either let the glue dry naturally by placing a scarf around your hairline, or use a blowdryer to do it. If you want to make baby hairs from the glue, you can either use a baby hair brush or a baby comb you can buy at a beauty supply store.

Lay your baby hairs with a firm hold border control.

Step 6: Style

You can now style your frontal in any way you like. And if you choose a 360 frontal, your wig will even be ponytail-friendly!


I’ve always loved hair.

I fell in love with weaves after I tried them. Then I tried Wigs and was hooked.

After my experience with iLovely Hair Extensions Brazilian Lace Frontal Wig, I have to say that lace frontals are my favourite! Hair extensions and wigs are my favorite because they allow you to transform your appearance.

Creatives are always looking for new ideas. Extensions and weaves let me transform my hair in a flash to suit my mood or outfit. Because they allow for a natural hair transformation, lace frontals are my new obsession.

Your frontal may be a bold color but it still appears to grow out of your scalp. This allows you to make your fantasies come true.

For those of you who don’t have edges frontals, they will be able to heal it in a matter of seconds!

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