Bob Hairstyle Guide: Different Types of Bobs

Bob Hairstyles Guide

The perfect style to make you a perfect girl! Bobs are a timeless and classic hairstyle. Bob hairstyles come in many lengths, textures and colors. You can also be flirty or serious.

This style is great for growing your hair and for getting a new haircut! You will see a beautiful brunette sporting her bob haircut everywhere you go!

My bob and her bob are the same. She heard that it was her bob. *Remixes Za* As Sza insists, that means there are three Bobs and three girls.

Different Types of Bob Hairstyles

There are many more! We are blessed with the asymmetrical Bob by the hair Gods. The bob starts shorter in the back, and gradually gets longer in the front. But wait, there’s more!

Think to T-Boz of TLC, she was a huge advocate for these asymmetrical bobs, or just about any mom in the 80’s, I mean have you seen those prom pictures.

A-Line Bobs

The A-Line Bob was born. It is a layered bobber that has a short back and a long front. Both sides are equal. Nicki was our favorite bobber during her Barbie Days.

This is one of my favorite looks. It alternates between a smooth middle and a deeper side part. It adds dimension to a multilayered look. If you want a short haircut, this bob cut is perfect.

Cleopatra bob

Cleopatra is considered the queen of bobs. The Egyptian icon and queen Cleopatra is associated with the hairstyle. This hairstyle is the foundation for many different styles and hair cuts. This look has been reinterpreted in new ways by artists Nicki Minaj and Rihanna.

Middle Part Bob

Your bob can be parted almost anywhere. A middle part is best if you are looking for dramatic bob style. It’s a blend of simple and dramatic that highlights all the beauty and features of your face.

Sleek Bob

The sleek bob offers a classic look that looks modern yet almost futuristic. For those looking for a simple and straight look, this bob hairstyle is perfect for you.

Curly Bob

There are many styles of bobs. You can wear your bobs straight or curled. You can spice up your hair by adding curls or styling your natural hair in a bob.

So if you’ve got curly hair don’t worry you can rock the bob hair look too.

Wavy Bob

Bob’s don’t have to be straight, nor do they have to be curly. You can wear your hair somewhere in between with a wavy look.

Wet & Wavy Bob

A wet and wavy look can be created by adding water to your wavy haircut. The wet and wavey bob is easy and simple to style. This bob is ideal for tropical travel as it needs minimal styling.

Shaved Bob Hairstyle

The shaved hair is what our girls prefer. This bob features a cut either on the right, left, or back.

This bob is a classic bob that has a longer length from the front to the back. However, it highlights an unusual and edgy shaved design.

Bang Bob Hairstyles

While some bobs may have less hair, the Bang Bob is a bit more bang for your money. Ha! A little bit of bob humor. This is Tina Belcher, a favorite cartoon character from Bob’s Burgers. She nails the style and adds a little clip for good measure.

The bob style is versatile and can be trimmed with feathered bangs or straight blunt bangs. It can also be shortened to a longer length. This look is versatile and can be worn as either a long or short bob.

Blunt Bob

The blunt bob offers a classic bob look with Its sharp edges and straight cuts are what has coined it as the blunt bob.

Braided Bob

There are many different braid styles you can do. A braided hairstyle can be worn with box braids. Braided bobs offer a unique look that doubles as a protective style.

Textured Bobs

Textured Bobs are becoming a popular style this year. This adds a bit of fun to a normally severe and straight cut. You can either cut the textured bob bluntly or angle it. It also has the curling method that gives it its texture. This bob has soft curls, layers and curls.

Think Vanessa HUDGENS as she cut her long hairs and chose a fun, textured bob. Or Jhene Aiko the textured bob-gal. This girl can make a wave.

Tilt Bob

A tilt-bob is a dramatic and modern twist on the asymmetrical bob. One side, usually the right extremely long while the other side, cups the jawline. Giving a sweet and spicy look all in one.

1920’s Bob

Bob’s were extremely popular in the 1920s. It seems that almost everyone wore one. The 1920s flapper scene made them very popular.

This look of bob hair from the past can still be worn today.

Messy Bob

For those who want to give their bob a more funky look, a messy bob is a great choice. This gives you a messy hair look which is both stylish and messy in all the right ways.

The Lob Bob

The Lob, also known as the Blunt Cut or the Blunt Cut is a style of hair that ends just above your shoulders. Bobs are beloved and praised because they make hair look thicker and healthier while also drawing attention to the face.

Now that you have the cut, it is time to apply the colour!

Many bob haircuts are worn in jet black to highlight the cut and tilt of hair. Some people pair their bob with a dazzling blonde, a dark brown, or a soft color.

Bob Haircuts

Bob haircuts can be a great choice if you want to give your bob a little more style. You can either use the styles that we have already mentioned to create bob haircuts or you can style them so they look like bob haircuts.

There are many bob haircuts available, from short bob cuts to long bob cuts. For those who are unable to decide between cutting their hair or keeping it natural, a bob haircut is a great option.

Celebrities such as Rihanna are known for their bob haircuts. Nicki Minaj and Rihanna have made bob haircuts their signature look, and you can too. One thing I love about a Bob haircut is the versatility of it. You can get the bob look with very long hair, medium or short hair.

How Rock Your Bob

Bobs can be worn behind the ears, just like regular styles. You can usually find one side of the bob tucked behind your ears, creating cozy vibes.

You can also let your hair fall over your eyes, channeling Aliyah.

Bobs can be either short or long. They are also bouncy and should be properly cut to show off the style.

Make sure you research stylists in your area who can cut and use shears.

Things to Consider

Although the bob lifestyle is wonderful, it requires a lot of work. These are some things you should consider before you join the #BobLife.

No more casual washing and drying. A bob requires maintenance. Bob is a simple yet difficult style to maintain. Your hair will need to be styled to perfection or straightened to silky smooth.

Keep in mind that your hair will need to be cut frequently to maintain its shape. You won’t be content with your hair growing out in different styles, and you will need to trim or cut your hair regularly.

You will always have a perfect bob, no matter what the season.

Getting Adjusted to the #BobLife

It may seem strange to see so much of your face. It draws more attention to facial features if your hair is positioned around your jawline and face. Don’t worry!

This is a great time to be friendly with accessories like earrings and headbands to love your lips, and lashes.

New look, new style

Using Extensions to Obtain a Bob Style

A bob can make your hair look fuller and more neat. You have many options to choose from if you’re unsure about which bob is best for your hair.

You can choose to purchase shorter or longer extensions if your budget is not sufficient. To achieve a bob style, you can use longer extensions such as Private Label Extensions Malaysian Head Wave 20 in. For a bob, hair does not need to be straight or curly. You can add texture to your hair by using a curlier text, such as the Brazilian Deep Wave Extensions.

Stylists will only need to taper and layer the rear while trimming and angling front to achieve desired length. Tilt-Bobs or Traditional Slant Bobs will benefit from longer lengths.

To achieve a bob style, you can use shorter lengths such as 10 and 12 inches. Asymmetrical Bobs, A-Line Bobs, and shorter blunt cuts can be achieved by using shorter lengths.

Shorter lengths will increase volume. For any style of bob, you can use either long or short extensions.

Private Label Extensions also offers full lace wigs that can be custom made to fit your bob!

There’s a bob to suit everyone: straight edge, blunt, straight edge, beach wave, and layered. Bob is more than just a style, it’s an expression of your personality.

Leave us a comment and let us know the type of bob that you want to rock.

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