The Best Weave for Each Hair Texture: Straight, Wavy & Curly!

What is your best weave hair for texture?

There are many reasons that some weaves are better than others.

We aim to provide a wide range of hair textures and origins in order to satisfy our clients’ needs.

Some people don’t need the best hair. Some people can’t afford or don’t want to pay top dollar for hair that is changed every two weeks.

We get it!

Today, I will rank the best weaves for each texture. This will allow you to make educated decisions for your clients or yourself.

Ranking the Best Type of Hair Weave!

We need to break down the hair weave into three categories in order to properly rank it.

We will rank the following hairstyles:

  • Straight Weave
  • Wavy Weave
  • Curly Weave

These rankings include a wide range of styles that are available in today’s market for weaves. There are many options for weave textures and styles that can be classified as wavy.

We have ranked the top weaves to help you make an informed decision about your next purchase. Both price and quality are taken into account. The longer-lasting weaves with proper care will win, even though they are more expensive.

We are not ranking human hair weaves, but as an aside note. Private Label Extensions does not work with any other type of hair weave.

You get what you pay for with hair extensions!

Best Straight Weave

A straight hairstyle is a luxurious choice for a woman who loves the elegant look.

For a BOB, shorter lengths are ideal. However, some women prefer the longer lengths of 30″ or more.

The hair team of partners and we have tried many hair bundles around the world to find the best deal.

Indian Straight Weave #1

We are in awe of the beautiful strands Indian Hair that have been weaved to perfection in Vietnam.

You can instantly feel the thickness of the hair when you grab it in a bun.

The hair is still in its natural state, and can be styled, cut, colored or any other way you wish. It can handle it!

Some of the cut & colour tests performed by Paul Mitchell National Educator Dallas Christopher have produced some amazing works of art.

It is not as silky smooth as other types of hair. It is noticeably more natural and smooth than your real hair.

Talk about a perfect match!

Bundles can be purchased with a natural 1B hair color. Vietnam’s women do not have different hair colors.

This is the most straight weave money can buy.

Brazilian Straight Weave #2

This hair is amazing!

Second place is not enough. The Brazilian Straight weave has soft, silky texture and is ready to be styled!

This straight hair has received nothing but positive reviews from our clients. It can hold great curls and colors. This hair has been tested from a natural 1B to a #613 Russian Blonde.

Bundles after bundles are sold with the confidence that this hair is incredible!

Peruvian Straight Weave #3

Do not let the incredible prices fool you. This bundle still contains 100% human hair weave.

For those who don’t want to add tons of color to their bundles, the Peruvian Hair might be for you.

We have actually had amazing results with this natural #1B color being made into a #27 honey-blonde.

This weave is for you if you’re looking for human hair that doesn’t cost a fortune.

Best Wavy Weave

The most popular style for hair extensions is the wavy. There are many styles of wavy but the best is the body wave.

We have seen many new styles over the past decade. There are many more styles to come, I’m sure!

These are the top wavy, sew-in extensions.

Wavy Indian Hair #1

We love the Wavy Indian Hair because it is in its natural state.

When compared to hundreds upon hundreds of hair extensions, most bundles of weft have similar curl patterns. This consistency is no accident. American hair weave is sold 99% by creating curls using steam.

Because the Indian weave is not as straight-forward as other hair bundles, it can take some time to get used to the different waves. But don’t worry! When you have your next sew-in, the natural hair will blend together to create a gorgeous style.

Indian weave continues to be one of the most beautiful!

Brazilian Wavy Textures #2

Brazilian hair is the best-selling product of all, as it is available in multiple wavy textures.

Body Wave is most popular, along with other classic textures such as Spanish Wave, Deep Wave, and Loose Wave.

Brazilian weaves are a popular choice because of their affordable prices and great hair quality.

Peruvian Body Wave #3

Peruvian hair ranks at the bottom of this list once again.

It’s not bad hair. But it doesn’t really compare to our other wavy options.

The  Peruvian Body Wave still remains our most popular product!

This 100% human hair is an amazing value, as it comes at a great price.

Best Curly Weave

A big curly hairstyle is fun and sexy. The variety of curly hair styles now available is something we love.

What curly hair style is the best? This is the question!

For a bold and natural hairstyle, go for the natural look. You can also stuff as many buns as you like.

These are the best options for curly hair:

Curly Indian Hair #1

This is the perfect weave for curly hairstyles.

Amazing natural curls in Indian hair!

The hair is priced at over $100 per bundle.

Indian donors can have natural curls. It is more difficult to find this hair as more Indian women have straight hair.

This is Remy Indian hair that has all the cuticles, color and style options.

Curly Brazilian Weave #2

You have two choices for curly Brazilian weaves: Afro Kinky and Kinky Curly.

This is the standard for curly-hair weaves.

Brazilian curly options are a industry standard for more than a decade. It is a great hair choice for clients who appreciate its value and ability to withstand the rigors of color and style testing.

Great care of curly hair can make it last longer. You must take good care of your beautiful curls.

What is the Best Weave for a Sew-in?

The best weave for a sew in is the raw hair extensions, depending on your budget. This will ensure that you get the highest quality hair possible, regardless of the cost.

When choosing hairstyles, the type of sewn-in will not matter. A vixen sew-in would look great with any of your options, just as a traditional sew in.

These include Indian Curly, Indian Curly and Vietnamese Straight products.

We are not referring to the best, but all of the Brazilian weaves and Malaysian weaves are excellent options.

What is the Best Weave for a Quick Weave?

When doing a quick weave, I recommend using a cheaper bundle because you will be cutting the weaves and reducing the integrity of your bundle.

This is why the Malaysian straight weave or Malaysian body weave weave are great choices. These types of bundles are perfect for women who don’t want to keep a quick weave for too long because they’re glued on.

Final Thoughts on the Best Weave

There are many styles and types of hair extensions. It is important to know the differences.

Your client might not want the “best weave” that you buy. We value both quality and price. We will go to any lengths to get the best weave hair.

Private Label Extensions strives to provide the best weave at the most affordable price in a variety of levels.

It is always best to understand grade hair extensions so that you can buy the best hairstyle for you.

Have a question about the best weave? Drop a question below and we’ll help you!

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