Lace Frontal

What is a Front of Lace 13×4? What is a 13×4 lace front? This hairpiece extends the natural hairline. It comes in various lengths. It can blend well with natural hair. The 13×4 lacefrontal is a popular choice for many women. It has numerous advantages. You can use it to create many hairstyles including a […]

What’s the Cost of a Lace Frontal If you are planning on getting a lace frontal, then you may have many questions. The cost depends on several factors, including the overall size of the lace and the quality of the hair. A ‘frontal’ may cost $60 to $200, although it can be more costly if […]

How to Apply Lace Frontal If you are going to wear a lace frontal, you must know how to apply it properly. You should start by applying a base color that matches your hair color. Then you will need to attach the lace at the hairline. After it has been glued, ensure it is flat. […]